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Latest update: 27/01/2020 12:35:07

Zeal Communications Inc.

Protect your corporate brand through reputation risk measures on the Internet.

Have you had a problem with job offers being declined one after another because of groundless accusations posted on the Internet? Or baseless rumors within the company spread through Twitter? Our company protects corporate brands from reputation risks such as slander and defamation on the Internet, and leads you to send out accurate information. Experienced staff will diagnose what can be improved on the Internet, and propose a customized plan for each customer. 

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We offer measures for Yahoo! keywords, Google suggestions, and related word searches as well as measures for reverse SEO. Our company eliminates negative information on the Internet to restore or improve corporate brand image. Negative information on the Internet has a negative influence on the users who find it. Making negative information less visible allows you to send out positive information on a company to help restore or improve the brand image. 
We provide flaming compensation services. Capturing negative information on the Internet at an early stage means that we can prevent risk from spreading or flaming. Our company monitors Yahoo! and Google search results as well as negative information on social media such as Twitter and Facebook 24 hours a day throughout the year. We can find negative information at an early stage, and propose optimal measures for your situation before the risk spreads or flaming starts. We will lead you to a solution, and protect your company. 
■Negative comment compensation service
By grasping negative information on the Internet at an early stage, we prevent the risk of negative comments spreading on the Internet. For  24 hours, 365 days, we monitor Yahoo! and Google search results and negative information on SNS such as Twitter. 
Before negative information or risks spread, we can instantaneously find negative information and propose optimum measures matching the conditions. This leads to problem resolution that protects your company. 

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Our company has done business with over 2,600 corporate clients since its establishment in 2008 (as of April 2017). We have been consulted on more than 7,200 cases to date. We support many corporate clients in their handling of Internet risks until resolution. 

Advertising, research, and information services

[Awards and Media]
Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun (2014); Best Venture 100 (2016); Nikkei newspaper (2018)


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