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Latest update: 16/01/2019 15:36:55

Office TAKAHASHI Co., Ltd.

We are long established original jigsaw puzzle manufacturer with a product lineup that is at the top level in the industry.

We manufacture and sell original jigsaw puzzles, and have a product lineup and technology that are at the top level in the industry. We also handle wholesaling, retailing, and sales of catalyst-related products, and sell products and foods related to Naru eagle ray fish.


Sales Pitch

Our company has been long established in the manufacturing and sale of original jigsaw puzzles. We also help customers develop products as a sales company that provides R&D.
Our company manufactures and sells original jigsaw puzzles. Some are created from customer photos for personal use. The same photo can be used to create mid-size jigsaw puzzles of 100 to 300 pieces. We can also manufacture mass-production jigsaw puzzles (500 to 10,000 pieces) for sale, and novelty jigsaw puzzles. These products can be used in various situations, and you can receive the best recommendation for your needs. 
We recently developed a laser-cut jigsaw puzzle (registered utility model), and it has become popular among many customers.
We developed the brain-activating Aroma De Puzzle. Did you know that jigsaw puzzles have an activating effect on the brain? Jigsaw puzzles can be enjoyed by all ages, young or old. We are an established puzzle manufacturer with 25 years of history. Our company recently developed a new product with the concept of brain activation under our Ganso Puzzle Yasan brand. 

We want to know if it really activates the brain. This project is aimed at earning recognition from many people for our newly developed brain-activating Aroma De Puzzle. We want potential users to experience this product so that we can gain extensive feedback. We also plan to conduct a clinical test on Aroma De Puzzle to verify its effects in a scientific way. We hope to gain everyone’s cooperation. 

Our newly developed Aroma De Puzzle (patent pending) was developed to activate the brain! Please try this puzzle with your children to stimulate their brain and imagination. Aroma De Puzzle is an item that makes everyone happy.

Did you know that various brain functions are working inside a child’s head when putting puzzle pieces together? These include color and shape recognition, communication with parents and friends, and the experience of joy from finishing it. 

Did you know that dementia starts from the early 40s in the subtlest way? It is said that one out of five elderly people 65 years of age or more will suffer from dementia in 2025. Aerobic exercise, brain training, and communication are the keys for prevention. Incorporating aroma is also considered to be effective. We asked the aroma manufacturer Musee to make aromas from natural ingredients, and asked Aroma Salon VISS to join in as a producer. We wanted relaxing ingredients for users.

Puzzles are most suitable for brain training and communication. That is why we are launching Aroma De Puzzle from our Ganso Puzzle Yasan brand for children and adults to expand their imaginations, as well as for the elderly. Our goal is to prevent dementia as much as we can. We will promote this product around the world, hoping to hear extensive positive feedback. Comments from a crowdfunding article in 2018 noted that a user’s child had become quite imaginative, and that a user’s mother was less forgetful than before.

We developed a brain-activating jigsaw puzzle. We will further evolve this product, and help reduce dementia as much as we can.
We recently developed a new product in our photocatalyst business, which is one of our lines of business. Photocatalyst is said to be unsuitable for coating on automobiles. However, our newly developed product perfectly prevents the polarization phenomenon that occurs on a coated automobile. We are now looking for companies that could use this product. 

Other presentation

[Company Strengths]
We manufacture and sell original jigsaw puzzles, and have a product lineup and technology that are at the top level in the industry. We also handle wholesaling, retailing, and sales of catalyst-related products, and sell products and foods related to Naru eagle ray fish.


[Representative’s Message] 
Our company is currently looking for ways to promote original jigsaw puzzles, and potential partner companies that handle exchanges with overseas customers. We receive picture data from partner companies, edit the data to make an original jigsaw puzzle, and then send it to the partner company. Our catalyst department plans to promote Apizasu fungicide worldwide, and is looking for sales agencies. 

[Awards and Media]
Japan Tourism Agency, Bronze Prize in Luxury Japan category of VJC Charming Japanese Souvenir Contest (2010); mentioned many times in the media

[Intellectual Property] 
Original acryl jigsaw puzzle (Japanese Utility Model Registration No. 3216700); original jigsaw puzzle with automatic AR playback function and ordering system (Japanese Utility Model Registration No. 3210290); double-sided frame exclusively for jigsaw puzzles (Japanese Utility Model Registration No. 3203589); packaging box for pop-up products (Japanese Utility Model Registration No. 3201658); new peptide degradation product (Japanese Laid-Open Patent Application No. 2009-298729); physical condition maintenance support system (Japanese Laid-Open Patent Application No. 2003-310585); Aroma de Puzzle (Japanese Laid-Open Patent Application No. 2018-107847); black light jigsaw puzzle (Japanese Utility Model application No. 2018-002250)

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