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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:21:48

I・medex Co., Ltd.

I-Medex is Japan’s only manufacturer of bioelectrodes

I-Medex is the only domestic bio-electrode manufacturer. Our products are characterized by being produced 100% in-house from material research to electrode screen printing and gel production. Although products from overseas dominate the Japanese medical market, our unique nonallergenic and electromagnetically shielded technology has made our products well received. Our products are used in a wide range of applications and include electrocardiographs, heartbeat measuring devices, and myoelectric and low-frequency treatment devices. Our products are also used in nonmedical applications such as beauty treatments, sports, and healthcare.

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Sales Pitch

Electrode pad for wearable biometric sensors that is strong against noise
There was not a single product on the market that attempted to remove electromagnetic noise (shielding) in sensors for the biological signals of the human body (electrocardiogram and myoelectric). The sensor has a laminated structure that is made using our original screen printing technology, and an electrode layer is built into it to provide shielded performance. With this product, it is possible to obtain extremely clear waveforms with a large S/N ratio. So, we are expanding the range of product applications to include the detection of waveforms that indicate diseases that were previously difficult to detect because these waveforms were buried in noise when conventional products were used to detect these diseases.

[Product benefits]
Our product technology is not just an electrode that collects biometric information but product development with high added value. For example, structural design that cancels electromagnetic waves that interfere with waveform monitoring and waterproof design that enables underwater measurement. Medical institutions require higher technology and product development. In particular, we have succeeded in reducing noise waveforms that doctors dislike during diagnosis with an optimized electrode structure, and we have overwhelming expertise in noise countermeasures. We also possess circuit printing technology that uses a special screen printer for bioelectrodes and manufacturing technology for materials (adhesives and conductive gels) that make contact with the human body. And unlike other companies, we do not just finished with prototype development; however, we actually manufacture products that are used in the medical field. In addition, we produce many types of high-mix low-volume bioelectrodes. Nevertheless, we have the commercialization and production technologies to continue to generate profits by responding to market needs.

[Expected uses]
Sport training: training support through wearable heart rate monitors and player condition checks
Labor management: Employee stress and physical condition monitoring
Companies that require accurate big data based on biological signals
Monitoring biological signals in animals and plants
Exceptional noise countermeasures
Our strengths are in the development of high-value-added products, as well as electrodes that collect biometric information. Examples of our work include structural designs that cancel electromagnetic waves to prevent interference with waveform monitoring and waterproof designs for underwater measurement equipment. Higher technology and more advanced product development are required by medical institutions. In particular, we have succeeded in reducing noise waveforms that interfere with doctors’ diagnoses using an optimized electrode structure. Our expertise in noise prevention is an asset that no other companies possess.
Utilization of various sensors/development
The latest technology, particularly the latest evolutions in sensor technology, is expected in bioelectrodes that are utilized in various fields.
The usage applications are expanding greatly and include health support in the field of sports such as fitness, as well as health care at home in combination with smart phones as IT technology advances, and the games industry are increasingly making use of its integrated sensors.
We are focusing on joint development with many companies.
Please contact us for more information.

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