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Creating Safe and Secure Products with the Blessings of the Setouchi Region and Other Natural Ingredients

Our company is an OEM manufacturer of processed foods mainly made from marine and agricultural products. Our main products include dashi stock, soups, furikake (rice seasoning), chazuke (tea on rice), small processed fish, processed seaweed, and processed agricultural products. We have developed and marketed dozens of products focusing on traditional Japanese flavors and ingredients, most notably "Japanese Dashi" made from local ingredients. We can also create and produce flavors according to your requirements on an OEM basis.

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Sanko Industry's Processed Foods
Delicious and fresh ingredients are carefully selected and procured from all over the world, including Japan. We manufacture various processed foods at our plant in Hiroshima, with particular attention to safety and security.
Main Products
Dashi and Soup
We manufacture dashi packs, soups, and other products through product development and blending technology based on the golden ratio of traditional Japanese flavors.

Furikake (rice seasoning) and Chazuke (tea on rice)
These are indispensable for the Japanese dining table. We strive to develop products that are tasty, colorful, and pleasing to the eye.

Processed agricultural and marine products
Focusing on dried foods, we manufacture products that bring out the best of the ingredients when cooked even after long-term storage.

Tsukudani (preserved food boiled in soy) and prepared foods
We have a team of culinary experts who constantly take on the challenge of creating innovative products while dealing with traditional food culture.

Hanabira-yaki is made by heating and pressurizing the ingredients. As no filler is used, the natural taste of the ingredients shines and is very popular.

The vividness and aroma of the ingredients are preserved in an easy-to-handle granulated form. They can be produced as ingredients for all kinds of foods or as independent dashi and soups that quickly dissolve in hot water.
Advantages of Sanko Industry's OEM Manufacturing
1. Can be manufactured in economic lots
Especially when using local specialties, it may inevitably be difficult to manufacture in large lots due to the limited harvest of rare raw materials or other similar reasons. Also, some items are hard to sell in large lots due to circumstances such as market size and distribution channels. Our company has an economic lot production system that can handle such conditions, and we can flexibly respond to customer requests. Please consult us about anything, such as making products even with limited raw materials or producing them in small lots to sell them out.
2. Wide Variety of Items and Variations
To date, we have productized more than 2,000 projects. Utilizing our experience in manufacturing such a broad range of products, we will propose more suitable products for your needs. In addition, there is a wide variety of processing equipment on our production lines, the combination of which allows us to create various products. We will deliver products that satisfy our customers in a variety of forms, including products that start with raw material selection, as well as changes in labeling, specification, and others.
3. High Development and Proposal Capabilities
Our company is staffed with experts in various fields and is fully equipped with machines, such as granulators, which can be applied to the manufacture of many products. Even for seemingly impossible projects and issues, we make the best use of these resources and do our best in research and development to achieve the goals.

When proposing products, we take market trends into account and try hard to meet customers' needs. Whenever necessary, our sales staff may visit your office to ask for your opinions to use them as feedback for our after-sales service and future product development.

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