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Sanesu Co.,Ltd

The manufacturing of sewing threads, cords, and twisted threads for industrial materials and the manufacturing and sale of special threads such as phosphorescent threads

San-S Co., Ltd. manufactures sewing threads, cords, and braided threads for use as industrial materials. With our unique resin processing technology, we are also able to develop and manufacture special threads such as those that glow in the dark. We are actively engaged in product development to meet our customers’ diverse needs (BOND processing, fluorescent/phosphorescent/special processing, and various resin processing).
Many of the products manufactured by San-S Co., Ltd. are used in our everyday lives. Our parts support the performance of other products, providing the required durability, finish, and versatility and have won over a large number of users.

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San-Esu product lineup
San-Esu Bond: our company’s representative resin-treated sewing thread
We have developed it as a high quality special resin processed thread that is suitable as an industrial sewing material for various product applications. Compared with conventional NON-BOND sewing threads, this product exhibits excellent physical properties such as durability and weather resistance and is used in many products, particularly as a sewing thread in the nonclothing field. It is a representative product developed based on our many years of research. It is also used in some products made by ASICS Corporation.
<The excellent properties of SANESU-BOND®>
1. The BOND process improves heat resistance and wear resistance, which reduces thread breakage during sewing and speeds up sewing machines.
2. Thread strength after sewing is less likely to deteriorate compared to sewing threads that have not been BOND processed.
Resin threads that are twisted together are bonded together; therefore, even in heavy-weight fabrics or rubber-based materials, the seams can be finished neatly without cracking.
4. The polyester type has excellent weather resistance even under harsh natural conditions such as ultraviolet rays.
<Main applications and usage results>
Nylon is used in sewing threads for sports goods, leather products, shoes, bags, carpets, furniture, mats, and filter cloths, and polyester is used as a sewing thread for canvas, hang gliders, tents, seats, and leather products and sports goods.
Cellulan series: wonderful thread that emits light under various conditions Uniquely individual products
CELLAN® is a trademarked, specially processed thread that changes color and emits light under various conditions. Features that include color changing and light emission are made possible by bonding special resins and pigments to nylon or polyester filaments.
CELLAN® has three products with different types of color changing and light emission.
■ CELLAN phosphorescent thread
CELLAN phosphorescent thread stores the ultraviolet rays emitted by sunlight and fluorescent lamps and uses them to emit light in the dark. The effect is highly pronounced because the surface of the thread is coated with a phosphorescent (luminous) pigment. (For embroidery, monogramming, and ropes.)
CELLAN’93 emits light in response to light with a certain wavelength, such as a black light. Emitted colors are red, blue, and green. It also exhibits high durability and long-lasting effects. CELLAN’93 can produce threads of various thicknesses depending on the application. Please feel free to contact us. (The thickness of our mass-produced thread is 103dtex ± 15)
This thread turns purple when irradiated with ultraviolet rays. It will return to its original color when it is no longer exposed to UV light.
*This effect is not permanent. It changes color gradually. The duration of the effect is approximately one year, although this depends on the usage.
Sewing thread for airbags: contributing to safety while reducing cost
BOND yarn was developed for use in automobile airbags. This product is used by several Japanese manufacturers as a sewing thread for airbags that protect human lives. We have a high level of technical capability to handle safety parts with strict standards and are expanding our domestic market share.
“A-BOND technology that realizes high quality and cost reduction”
We have established an "A-BOND" method that omits the dyeing process and mixes color pigments with resin to perform BOND processing to reduce costs while maintaining high quality. Amid intensifying international competition between automobile manufacturers, Sun-S’ technology helps to contribute to international competitiveness.
Industrial sewing thread: industrial sewing thread that meets a wide range of requirements of various industrial products (NON-BOND)
Covers a wide variety of applications with many variations
Sun-s has many varieties of industrial thread that can be used for a wide range of purposes. Both BOND type and NON-BOND types are highly reliable and are used in a range of products, both domestically and overseas.
Single twist BOND yarn
Material: Polyester
Count: #0, #1, #4, and #7
Major applications: container bags, baseball gloves, and seat belts
Material stitching thread (NON-BOND)
Material: polyester, nylon, polypropylene, aramid, and PPS
Configuration: 1670T/1x3, 1400T/1x3, 220T/1x4, and 220T/1x3
Major applications: sling belts, tents, and seats
Twisted yarn cord for industrial materials: widely used as an intermediate product to support the strength or elasticity of various products
Matching customers with a wide range of products with high durability and versatility
Sun-S makes twisted cords from industrial materials that are widely used as intermediate products and supports the performance of various products with their high strength, durability, weather resistance, and versatility.
Product applications: seat belt selvage and warp threads, sling belts, resin hoses, narrow tapes, aramid special fabrics, and carbon fiber twisted yarn products
Electrical material cords: this product is made by applying DRYSET to polyester and realizing elasticity that conforms to standards
This product is made by applying DRYSET to polyester and conforms to required elasticity standards.
Applications: Heater wire (electric carpet), Tear cord, and Dummy

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