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Lathing and machining professionals

Our company manufactures industrial machines by using IT tools. We mainly process large castings, 90% of them within the company. Complete in-house machining and welding realize short delivery time and low cost. The main products are equipment for semiconductor manufacturing, parts for injection molding machines and die-casting machines, copper alloy and aluminum alloy castings, environment-friendly products, and bamboo crusher "Bamboo Mill".

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Large part machining, casting, and can manufacturing using welding
Realizing reliable quality through an integrated system
We support activities from the procurement of cast shapes and welded structures to the completion of processing. In addition to processing, we have a three-dimensional measurement device, a surface roughness measurement device, a contour shape measurement device, and a quality assurance system.
We aim to reduce lead times and costs with a high in-house production rate.
Supporting Japanese manufacturing industry with large lathe COM
We specialize in large-scale lathe processing, and the available lathe processing sizes are "maximum diameter: 1,000 mm, maximum length: 2,500 mm". Supports irregularly shaped objects, regardless of round or shaft objects.
We manufacture original jigs and tools to stabilize work quality when machining irregularly shaped objects and large workpieces. These tools are created based on our unique know-how and the experience of our skilled technicians.
Environment-friendly in-house products
Bamboo crusher "Bamboo Mill" can make bamboo powder from an untouched  bamboo grove. Bamboo powder is used for organic fertilizers, feed for livestock, and tea.
In addition, the scoping crusher “sudden scoping”, which crushes the scoping block in an instant, is a special machine that can smash the scoping block, attracting attention as an organic fertilizer.
Our environmentally friendly products contribute to the development of sustainable agriculture.

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