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BioChromato, Inc.

We help researchers to improve their efficiency through the development, manufacturing, and sale of physics and chemistry products

Biochromatography Co., Ltd., makes physics and chemistry products for researchers and develops, manufactures, and sells products that boost the efficiency of research. We deal with many private companies, public institutions, and universities and use our distributors in a range of countries to deliver our products overseas.

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Products and services
This is a new type of concentrator that is easy to use, simple, and convenient.
Convenient evaporator series
High-temperature boiling solvents such as DMSO, DMF, and water can be concentrated
Compatible with small and minute quantities, samples used for LC/MS and GC/MS can be concentrated and solvent-replaced in vials.
As the system can be used with any concentration container, it can be directly concentrated using an existing vial or tube.
Various samples can be analyzed by concentrating to dryness and solvent replacement, without the need to transfer valuable samples.
Ideal for analysis pretreatment, sample concentration after preparative fractionation, solvent evaporation after NMR measurement, concentration of natural product extract, concentration after solid phase extraction, and pretreatment of drug analysis.
Plate seals and plates
High-performance plate seals/plates to meet the demands of researchers.
■ Ideal RAPID EPS for “punching with an auto sampler” 
Prevents volatilization and contamination during sample storage
Elution-free adhesive (*Based on our elution test evaluation)
Can be used in auto samplers
High airtightness
Easy to peel off
No adhesive residue
Can be stored at −80°C
■ RAPID Slit Seal: ideal for repeated punching with an autosampler
Self-closing (The seal returns to its original shape even after punching and prevents solvent evaporation)
Adhesive-free upper part of the well (prevents contamination)
Can be used between −80°C and 100°C
■ RAPID Tube Plate 600: ideal for biochemical applications 
No elution of enzyme inhibitors (chelate-free)
No uneven heating due to being used in conjunction with a dedicated aluminum block.
Human DNA, DNase, and RNase free
Volume per well is 600 μl
Fractionation/refinement/desalination system
This one device can perform a series of operations: rough fractionation/crude purification/desalting to concentration/dehydration
■ Convenient Prep M2
Reduced initial cost when compared with flash chromatography (MPLC).
Scaling up of samples can be easily accomplished with the cartridge type SPE.
Desalination after HPLC fractionation can be easily performed.
Products and services
Device for LC/MS
This is an optional device that supports DART-MS analysis.
Rapid detection of contained components without treatment: ionRocket
Samples can be measured quickly without the need for treatment.
The sample can be heated up to 600°C while controlling the rate of temperature increase (100°C/min).
Analysis of everything from low molecular weight compounds such as additives to high molecular weight thermal decomposition products can be done with a single measurement.
Capturing dynamic scents: Volatimeship
Real-time measurement of volatile component release behavior
Volatile components can be efficiently introduced to the DART ion source.
Measure flavor release in 1 second units.
Material analysis software
Optional software that supports DART-MS analysis.
Spectra Scope: excellent support for data analysis for ionRocket DART-MS 
ionRocket DART-MS analyzes the average spectrum in the temperature range from room temperature to 600°C at 100°C intervals, particularly in the spectrum caused by the thermal decomposition of the polymer, which is highly complicated. We support differential and KMD analyses using this software.
Compound Search: a database for the chemical industry that is ideal for those who analyze additives   
This software can search through our database of compounds, which are used in more than 1800 chemical industries, by inputting the m/z of not only molecular ions of protons or ammonium ions but also various adduct ions observed through LC/MS or observed by GC/MS.
Analysis of contracts
We will take your sample and analyze it.
〇 Thermal desorption/thermal decomposition Direct mass spectrometry (ionRocket DART-MS) is used to measure rubber, resin, paint, lubricant, ink, and cosmetics without treatment.
〇 Volatimeship direct mass spectrometry (Volatimeship DART-MS) is used to continuously measure the release behavior of volatile components such as foods, beverages, and cosmetics.

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