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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:49:18

Ebara Keiki Seisakusyo Co., Ltd.

We produce high-performance, high-reliability products

We are a manufacturer of instruments used in the manufacturing processes of foods, pharmaceuticals, and chemical products. We make 100% custom-made pressure gauges and thermometers based on the customer's request.

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Remote indication thermometers
Remote recording thermometers
Thermometers with contacts and power temperature controllers
Sanitary thermometers
Micro-switch thermometers
Photoelectric switch thermometers
Temperature sensors
Temperature indicator transmitters
LCD digital thermometers
Pressure gauges
Pressure gauges, compound gauges, vacuum gauges, and micro pressure gauges
Recording pressure gauges
Pressure gauges with contacts
Micro-switch type pressure gauges
Photoelectric pressure gauges
Sanitary pressure gauges
Pressure sensors
Pressure indicator transmitters
Liquid level indicators
LED digital pressure gauges
LED dry sanitary pressure gauges
LCD digital pressure gauges
Pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, compound gauges
The standard case is sealed with a screw lid, so the inside of the instrument is highly airtight and offers good resistance to dust, moisture and corrosion (equivalent to IP62).
The internal mechanism is mainly made of stainless steel, and its durability and abrasion resistance are much better than general materials (example: products made of BS). 
The case exterior and shape are common to our various thermometers, so the design is unified when the pressure gauge and thermometer are mounted side-by-side on a panel.
Diaphragm pressure gauges
Adopting a structure that protects the indicator by separating the flow of pressure measurement fluid into the instrument with a diaphragm (membrane) permits a variety of connection shapes and connection materials suitable for various applications. This pressure gauge enables pressure gauge management suitable for corrosive, viscous coagulation, and sanitary measures in the petroleum, chemicals, civil engineering, water treatment, food, and pharmaceutical industries. This pressure gauge is ideal for conditions where measurement is not possible with general-purpose pressure gauges.
Sanitary pressure gauges, compound gauges, vacuum gauges
• These gauges are ideal for pressure measurement of food, dairy products, medicine, biotechnology, and so on. 
• The liquid contact surface is flat, so the clean and sanitary structure has no liquid pool. 
• The joint between the liquid-contacting diaphragm and the ferrule is subjected to a strict pressure-resistance test after conducting high-performance argon welding so that no leakage of the filled liquid occurs. 
• The connection standard is mainly based on the ISO standard, and various other shapes can also be manufactured. 
• A safe material approved as a food additive is used for the sealed liquid. 
• The SUS case has a drip-proof structure (equivalent to IP65) so the case exterior can withstand the environment where the gauge is installed and pressure and steam at the time of cleaning. 
• Various radiator tubes corresponding to the maximum measurement temperature during CIP are available. 
• A throttle device is incorporated as a standard measure to protect the internal mechanism of the instrument from the pulsating pressure of the measured fluid. 
• We offer countermeasures such as dampeners and glycerin for intense pulsating pressure.

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