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Riso Keisoku Co., Ltd.

Ideal measurement environment for you

We develop high-performance, extremely energy-saving, low-cost, and small thermal shock testers, which are best suited for near-future device tests such as SiC semiconductors that can be used for temperatures from minus 40°C to plus 350°C.

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Details of business and an overview of products and technology
Details and features of business
We provide total solutions necessary for building measurement, analysis, control, and signal transmission systems. We provide various types of hardware used for high precision and ultra-high speed analog and digital signals as well as software for each level of assemblers, drivers and packages, such as signal conditioning modules for measuring signals from sensors under ideal conditions and various communications modules for integrating a wide variety of computers, devices and equipment, with respect to systems for integration regarding industrial automation, quality assurance, monitoring, testing, measurement, control, display, recording, and so on.
Overview of products and technology
We mainly manufacture analog and digital electrical and electronic equipment. We also provide various services related to manufacturing, working with cooperating companies. We provide various services and conduct contracted tests with respect to life tests of light-emitting elements and power elements. We also manufacture cold and thermal shock testers used for SiC semiconductors for EVs (electric vehicles) and power elements and those for temperatures up to 350°C and provide various services related to contracted tests. We participate in a process such as meetings for systems and provision of circuit diagrams, depending on the requirements of customers, and deliver finished products. We can perform high-mix low-volume production. We can also perform trial production, provide support for development, and manufacture products commissioned by individual customers.
For matching
We have developed many systems requested by our customers using innovative ideas. These systems include those for automation, quality assurance, downsizing, cost reduction, and integration of various devices as well as those for the measurement, recording, and issuing of alarms regarding troubles of machines, using signals and sounds. With respect to high-current output control ICs, which are the cores of organic EL and LED life test equipment, we manufacture our own brand products by making use of our hybrid IC technology we acquired in the era of Burr-Brown. Please consult us if you need solutions for measurement and analysis, such as environmental test equipment for SiC power semiconductors and power modules as well as high-current driving power supply systems.

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