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Latest update: 21/12/2022 13:49:40

Alex Denko K.K.

We are a company that creates the future using various sensors and diverse communication and control technologies

We provide quick proof of concept (PoC) for electronics.

We are able to quickly formulate PoC products to verify the feasibility and effectiveness of new concepts, theories, and ideas.

With our experience and track record in sensor technology and control and communication technology, we provide total support from specifications to Monozukuri craftsmanship for mass production.

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Sales Pitch

We propose digitization and IoT solutions that make use of sensor technology and control and communications technology
From PoC (concept prototypes) to mass production
[PoC, concept prototypes]
Determine the feasibility of what you want to do
Value-added proposals based on our experience and track record
Quick production of working prototype-level objects
Production of simple prototypes for in-house presentations

[Prototypes and mass production]
Prototypes are designed for mass production, product evaluation, and quality study
In-house procurement and collaboration with our own factories enable us to design and mass produce products that take into account availability and workability
Track record
For a house manufacturer: Sigfox communication control board for exterior remote monitoring system
For a solutions manufacturer: IMU control board for equipment failure prediction
For a beverage manufacturer: Peltier module control board for beer server
For a house manufacturer: Temperature/rain monitoring system control board for automatic opening/closing windows (skylights, etc.)

For a semiconductor manufacturing machine manufacturer: Ultra-vacuum gauge capable of measuring atmospheres in space
For a solutions manufacturer: USB security shield board for preventing information leakage
For a house manufacturer: Gyros, acceleration sensors, and vibration measurement units
For an event company: Solar-powered lighting units

For a measuring instrument manufacturer: pH meter control units for wireless BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) communication
For a production partner company: Cloud management system for remote server of inspection result data for product inspection equipment
For a sensor manufacturer: Sensor communication modules for smart offices

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