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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:53

All Device Co., Ltd.

All Sensors Corporation's base in the Asia-Pacific

We are a legitimate agency of All Sensors Corporation, a US-based semiconductor pressure sensor manufacturer, in the Asia-Pacific region. We sell piezoresistive semiconductor pressure sensors manufactured by All Sensors Corporation and various sensors manufactured by affiliated manufacturers.  

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Characteristics of pressure sensors manufactured by All Sensors Corporation
All Sensors Corporation provides pressure sensors with four types of output signals: Basic output (non-corrected sensors), mV output (corrected sensors), built-in amplifier output, and digital output.
Basic output (non-corrected sensors)
The basic output sensors are non-corrected sensors that output mV output signals without correcting for temperature. In other words, the sensors provide raw output signals, but do not correct errors brought about by the influence of temperature, for example. While a basic sensor is used, generally, the OEM (original equipment manufacturing) partner corrects some parts of a PCB (printed-circuit board) with a correction circuit. The basic output sensors are provided as reasonably priced sensors, suitable for application examples, for OEM partners.
mV output (corrected sensors)
The mV output pressure sensors (corrected/temperature corrected sensors) are corrected for temperatures, offsets, and spans. The mV output sensors provide OEM partners with accurate products that correct errors related to pressure measurement.
Amplified pressure sensors
These sensors and transducers provide OEM partners with amplified, corrected, and temperature-corrected output signals. If other components on a PCB, such as A to D that are built-in in the amplifier, are not built-in in the gain characteristics, the designing engineers generally require amplified output signals.  
Digital output pressure sensors
All Censors Corporation provides digital output pressure sensors. These devices are highly accurate, achieving perfect digital correction. Temperature-corrected pressure sensors can be used in the following three temperature ranges: For general use (5º to +50ºC), for industrial use (-25º to +85ºC), and for military use (-40º to +125ºC). They can be used in a pressure range from 62.5 Pa (1/4 in H2O) to 1 MPa (150 PSI).

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