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We specialize in surface treatment technologies suitable for bonding.

The essential technologies of UV (ultraviolet) surface modification and cleaning are the technologies for irradiating a material surface with short wavelength UV rays to both remove minute oil particles adhering to the surface and improve the wettability of the surface. There are two types of bonding methods: Indirect bonding which employs organic or inorganic adhesive and direct bonding which directly connects an object with another. We are a company that meets clients' needs for bonding by applying the technologies that we have.

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Surface treatment
Important element of bonding--surface conditions
Conditions to be created on the surface is important for bonding. 
Improving wettability on the surface => increasing adhesion => irradiating the surface with low-pressure UV. It is well known that these processes improve wettability on the surface. We have extensive experience in UV cleaning. In addition, there is another method for increasing adhesion which is making the surface rough. We are equipped with a surface treating device which uses ion beams. We are able to conduct tests as well.
Bonding (ultraviolet curing)
Indirect bonding--bonding which employs organic adhesive
Recently, ultraviolet-curable adhesive is increasingly being used. We have supplied a lot of ultraviolet curing devices. In addition, in recent years, the types of materials, such as film, which must not be exposed to heat are increasing. In response to these situations, we are able to apply UV rays to materials at low temperatures. Please contact us.
Bonding (room temperature bonding)
Direct bonding--There are various types of direct bonding methods. LAN TECHNICAL SERVICE Co., Ltd., which is our associate company, developed a room temperature bonding method that does not require heat. We meet your requirements such as the following: "Organic adhesives and heat application must be avoided."   
Automation technologies
All types of bonding methods require automation technologies. Please contact us for various types of automation technologies including automated lines for processes ranging from adhesive spraying to UV curing and a combination of a heat application system and UV cleaning.  

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