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Pioneers in line sensor systems

We are a specialized manufacturer of sensor systems. Most of all, our goal is to be the world’s top company in the specialized fields of eyes (cameras) and brains (image processing devices).

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Product information
Line scan cameras
 NED (Japan Electro Sensory Devices Co., Ltd.) is a pioneering manufacturer of line scan cameras.
 NED’s line scan camera lineup comprises a wide variety of sensors, both CMOS and CCD, providing state-of-the-art technology for any machine vision application.
LUCID products
 LUCID Vision Labs™ designs and manufactures innovative machine vision cameras that deliver the latest technology with outstanding value to our customers . Small and high-performance GigE Vision cameras by LUCID Vision Labs™ are suitable for a wide range of industries including FA, medical, bioscience, and logistics.
[Product lineup]
Phoenix: Ultra-small, multi-purpose GigE camera 
Triton: GigE camera with IP67 grade dustproof and waterproof body
Helios: Equipped with Sony's latest DepthSense IMX556PLR back-illuminated ToF image sensor 
Atlas: 5BASE-T PoE camera with data transfer rate over 600MB/sec
GigE Vision Polarization camera uses a Sony IMX250MZR/MYR CMOS polarization sensor with Polarsens technology
Image processing application development tool “TechView”
Revolutionary streamlining of image processing application development work. Conventional models score 1/10 or less in comparison. Anyone can create image processing applications easily. 
GUI for image processing libraries. The image processing application is completed by creating an intuitive graph with the mouse.
Easy high-speed processing that is equivalent to PC processing (the code used is in C++) with an algorithm result display screen.
Compatible with the high-performance tools provided by Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) with a plug-in function that allows users to create original programs.
Provides versatility and expandability in camera selection that other companies’ general-purpose image processing devices do not possess.
Can be connected to a rich lineup of devices including our GigE line scan camera, LUCID Vision Labs GigE area camera and Seek Thermal cameras.
Can be connected to OPC server and motionCAT and supports advanced machine vision control
Application examples
Use examples of the cameras that NED provides
Glass hard-disk shape measurement
 The dimensions of the chamfer part of glass hard disks are measured without the need for any contact.
 The products to be measured are made from tempered glass and crystalline glass, and our system enables highly accurate and reliable measurement.
CD-R inspection device
 Inspects the roundness of the blue coating surface on the CD-R, highlights any coating failures, and can be used to read material lot numbers.
Lead frame plating equipment
 We perform online inspection of the quality of plating that is applied to the lead frame pattern during continuous running and improve the yield in finished product inspection.
Printed circuit board visual inspection
 The substrate moving on the table is inspected for defects such as wire bonded electrodes and fine patterning with a high-resolution line sensor camera.
Mounted component installation inspection
 The high-resolution line sensor camera inspects surface-mounted components by matching them with preregistered nondefective patterns.
[Machines, steel plates, and machine parts]
Roller bearing length measurement
 This is a device that measures the length of the roller bearing that falls between the jigs in real time and sends an alarm if the specified value exceeds the set allowable value. As it uses a line-sensor camera to make measurements, it is possible to measure through narrow gaps without any issues.
[Film/vinyl sheets]
Transparent plate inspection
 We conduct continuous online inspection for minute defects that occur on the transparent and inner surfaces of the transparent plate to reduce the labor needed for inspection, prevent inspection omissions, and guarantee quality.
[Printing machine/copier/printer]
Rubber roller surface inspection
 We automate the visual inspection of fine pinholes on the surface of tray rollers for printers to optimize the inspection level and eliminate inspection omissions, thereby ensuring quality.
Synthetic rubber bale foreign matter inspection
 We inspect foreign materials on the surface of the synthetic rubber bale while it is moving and guarantee the quality for the next stage of the process.
Food foreign matter inspection
 High-speed, high-accuracy automatic foreign matter inspection is performed on packed food items and a discharge signal is output for defective products. (Nondestructive X-ray inspection method)

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