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Latest update: 05/02/2020 14:39:55

ABI Co., Ltd.

We are making CAS food a reality as a new ideal technology for taking advantage of cell tissues

We are developing functions for freezing, storage, and defrosting to prepare an ideal use environment for CAS functions. We ascertain the characteristics of ingredients for products like Japanese and Western confectionery, bread, rice, processed food, fresh fish, and meat. We then accumulate research and pursue and propose functions for preserving such foods while maintaining high quality.

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Cell Alive System (CAS)
What is CAS?
A special CAS generator is used to homogeneously supply eight combinations of CAS energy to a cell. This vibrates the water molecules in the cell, which can generate tiny ice crystals. This makes cell walls and cell membranes less vulnerable to destruction. The CAS function is a world-first technology that is now used for a very wide range of applications from foods to medical treatment to applied physics.
Example of CAS application (seafood)
CAS freezing keeps tuna at the same quality as when it was fresh out of the sea even after prolonged preservation. The key to it lies in CAS energy, which is generated when something is frozen. The temperature differences generated between the surface and interior when a tuna is frozen causes the water molecules to move, which destroys the tissue of the tuna. CAS freezing generates a weak magnetic field to prevent this, which vibrates the water molecules while freezing them. This makes it possible to freeze all the way to the core while keeping the tissues alive.
Example of CAS application (agricultural produce)
Even the best wasabi loses its fragrance and hotness as time passes after it is harvested, so it is originally unfit for preservation. Even quickly deteriorating wasabi can be CAS-frozen to preserve its flavor for a long time. Wasabi takes a lot of labor in preservation, such as watering it while refrigerating it and freezing it immediately after grating it. This same wasabi remains comparable to fresh wasabi in fragrance and hotness after being defrosted when it is CAS-frozen.

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