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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:21:51

Solutions inc.

We offer testing machines that meet research and development needs

We develop, manufacture, and maintain a range of advanced testing machines, including various hydraulic and electrically powered vibration testing machines. We develop and supply a wide range of equipment such as seismic testing machines for various products, centrifugal loading equipment for universities and research institutes, vibration tables and various earth tanks, a variety of fatigue testers for automobiles and railways, rock testing machines for resource exploration, rock testing machines for seismic analysis, and earthquake experience devices at disaster prevention centers.

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Helping researchers and engineers with cutting-edge technology
Three-dimensional shaking tables
Comprises three linear servo actuators for vibration, horizontal base, and rolling/yaw cessation device
A link mechanism is used in the rolling and yawing cessation device. 
By controlling the displacement of each of the three linear servo actuators, it is possible to apply not only horizontal and vertical excitations but also a 3D excitation.
Excitation waveform is not limited to sinusoidal seismic intensity scale but can also approximate seismic waves
Driving operations are performed using the attached PC, and daily operations such as selection settings for vibration waveforms can also be performed using the touch panel.

Earthquake experience device
Seismic resistance and seismic isolation performance test equipment
Model-vibration testing in architecture and civil engineering
Various vibration testers
Six-axis parallel-motion shaking table
It can be used for experience tests such as flight and driving simulations. .
Shaking table for centrifugation
◇ Seismic waves can be excited in a centrifugal field
◇ Achieves high output and high response using hydraulic power as a power source
◇ Input waveform can be manually set.
◇ Operation is performed with an attached PC, and a touch panel type can also be used for daily operations such as selecting the settings of vibration waveform
◇ Manufactured strength is based on kinetic calculations and the finite element method with high reliability owing to our delivery record of more than 10 units in 10 years
◇ Can be attached to existing centrifugal loading equipment

◇ Seismic wave excitation test of centrifuge ground model

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