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Enrich the world with food drying! - Taiki Sangyo is a specialist manufacturer of agricultural product dryers

Since it was established in 1948, Taiki Sangyo has been supporting Japan's agriculture as a specialized manufacturer of agricultural product dryers. We started our corporate history with the development and sales of leaf tobacco dryers. However, due to the recent decline in consumption attributable to stricter regulations on smoking, we have shifted our business to food drying with “drying” as our core technology.
Nine years ago, we marketed Japan's the first electric dryer using electricity as a heat source. Non-standard vegetables and fruits do not lead to income from agricultural producers throughout Japan. This electric dryer has attracted attention as a means of utilizing such non-standard products and made dried vegetables and fruits to appear at nationwide agricultural direct sales outlets. In recent years, exports to China, Southeast Asia, North America, Africa and other countries have also expanded. They have, contributed to local food loss elimination measures and increased producer incomes in an environment where agricultural products easily become rotten due to high temperature and humidity.

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Taiki Sangyo's commitment and introduction of food dryers
Taiki Industry's commitment
■ Top market share in Japan's food dryer industry *
For more than 70 years since our establishment, we have been developing and selling various types of dryers as a specialist dryer manufacturer. The cumulative number of dryers shipped to date has exceeded 200,000. After establishment, our company started selling mainly leaf tobacco dryers. With the change in the times, however, our company shifted its focus to the development of food dryers. In particular, the industry's first electric dryer developed in 2008 achieved the top share in the Japanese market. This is now the main product in the food dryer series.
* Reference: Fuji Keizai, “Current Status and Future Prospects of Food Value Chain-Related Markets 2017”
■ Domestic and overseas sales of own brand products developed in-house
The R & D department has designed new products and developed over 100 types of dryers. In terms of sales, the Okayama head office, Tohoku, Kanto and Kyushu sales offices and sales agents in each region cover all over Japan. We also actively export to overseas countries particularly in Asia and Africa.
■ Integrated production system employing 3 multi-skilled worker systems
Each manufacturing employee adopts a versatile construction system capable of handling all processes from sheet metal processing to welding, coating, and assembly processes. The system supports high-mix low-volume production. The system also enables us to respond to custom-made orders from one unit, and to respond to customers' detailed needs. By introducing this system, we can achieve both fast delivery times and high quality.
■ Four full-time regular employees
In the manufacturing industry, there are many busy and off-peak seasons, so many companies adjust their staffing using part-time and temporary staff. The security of working as a regular employee enables the company to produce high-quality products.
Products  ①Electric dryers
■ Petit miniⅡ
-Equipped with circulation function dampers: Equipped with circulation function damper, the moisture discharge shutter can be adjusted.
-Equipped with a low-noise axial-flow fan: A quiet axial-flow fan can be used to dry quietly at night.
・ Equipped with an AC100V electric heater: A 100V AC power supply that can be used at home outlets and is the industry's No.1 low price. Maintenance-free and easy to clean.
・ Petit miniⅡ4 resin trays: (325 x 325). The capacity per sheet is 500g. Up to 2kg can be dried with 4 sheets.
※ This varies with what to dry.
-Mobile caster standard equipment: Equipped with casters at the bottom of the main unit. Moving has also become easier.
・ Digital temperature control timer: Easy operation with easy-to-read digital display and easy-to-operate touch panel. With 99 hours timer function.
■ Electric dryer E-7H Premium
Introduced in corrosion resistant material (SUS304)! Cleaning tray is standard equipment.
・ Stainless steel tray: The stainless steel tray on the bottom can be easily removed and is easy to clean.
・ Stainless steel SUS304: Stainless steel SUS304 is used as the main body material, which is strong against drying of marine products and objects with high salt concentration. It is more durable and hygienic.
-Equipped with circulation function damper: Equipped with circulation function damper, the moisture discharge shutter can be adjusted. The operation part adopts a slide method that is easily adjustable.
-Equipped with low noise sirocco fan: Silent sirocco fan is adopted, and the sound during drying is only for quiet fan. It can be dried quietly at night.
・ Equipped with AC200V electric heater: Equipped with a single-phase 200V or three-phase 200V power supply. Easy operation and maintenance-free.
・ Seven half trays (600 x 600 mm): The capacity per sheet is 2 kg. Up to 14 kg can be dried with 7 sheets.
※ It varies according to dry matter.
・ Motor caster standard equipment: Equipped with casters at the bottom of the main unit. Moving has also become easier.
■ Others There are various variations.
Products②Hot air dryer/Hot air heater
■ House warm air heater TH-101/TH-201
A warm air heater that is indispensable for heating greenhouses. New appearance with digital display and green color for all models!
・ Feature 1: Fuel consumption is greatly reduced by specially designed special furnace.
・ Feature 2: Easy-to-operate touch panel with easy-to-read digital display. Current temperature is always displayed.
・ Feature 3: Chimney set and copper pipe piping are standard equipment.
・ Feature 4: Equipped with moving wheels, easy to move in the house.
・ Feature 5: Many optional parts are prepared
 (List of optional parts)
Oil tank (200 or 490 liters) and oil breakwater (490 liters)
Aluminum flexible and stainless steel elbow (1 set: 2 pieces (300 and 350 dia.)
■ Garlic warm air dryer TG-40000
Dries in a short period of time with a dedicated garlic hot air dryer and realize early shipment (30% dehydration from harvest time in 2 weeks)
・ Feature  1: Garlic drying system, drying in about 2 to 3 weeks even in the humid rainy season.
・ Feature 2: One garlic hot air dryer, drying treatment for 30a/3t of cultivation area at a time. (When one set of garlic drying sheet and one exhaust duct fan is used)
・ Feature 3: The plastic container for harvesting is used as it is. (1 box can hold 216 boxes)
・ Feature 4: Easy installation and disassembly after drying.
■ Onion warm air dryer TZ-40000
Dries in a short time with the onion drying system and realize early shipment. (Onion dryer TZ-40000 is a jointly developed product with JA All Agriculture)
・ Feature  1. Dry onion drying system in about 3 days even in the humid rainy season
・ Feature  2. 10 tons of drying can be performed at a time for each onion hot air dryer (when two sets of onion drying sheets and two exhaust duct fans are used)
・ Feature 3. The iron container for harvesting can be used as it is (one sheet can hold 10 iron containers)
・ Feature  4. It can be easily installed using existing facilities, such as a greenhouse, and can be dismantled after drying.
Products ⑥: Leaf tobacco dryers and related equipment, and agricultural materials
■ Leaf tobacco dryer and related equipment
Harvest cloth (Henry Cross)
Simple transplanter for tobacco, with cutter, with gauge, for 2 inch pot seedlings
■ Agricultural materials
Harvest cloth (Henry Cross)
Asparagus incineration set
Simple transplanter for pot seedlings
Simple transplanter for tobacco, with cutter, with gauge, for 2 inch pot seedlings
Simple transplanter: Medium size for vegetables (3 inch pot for seedlings)
Simplified transplanter: Large size for vegetables (4 inch pot seedlings)
Free drying test
Eliminates anxiety before introduction"
We perform free drying trials. There are advantages, such as the following for test drying
• To see what kind of dried products can be made
• To check the drying temperature and drying time
• To select a dryer

* However, the following points are required for implementation.
1. This service is for corporations only.
2. Test drying will be once for each company and up to 5kg. Additional test drying will be charged upon consultation.
3. The test is free, but the customer is responsible for the cost of the dried test product. The postage of the product after drying will be cash on delivery.
4. Please send us your product for test drying after contacting us. If you send us it without prior notice, you may not be able to take the drying test. .
5. We may not be able to accept products with a strong irritating odor that have been requested for drying. Please consult us separately. .
6. After completing the free test, create a simple test report that includes the dried sample and the "temperature" and "drying time".
7. We do not take any responsibility for the hygiene of the product after drying.

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