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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:56

aska foods Co.,Ltd.

Manufacturing Food Products that Embody the Skills, Tastes, and Spirit of Japanese Food Craftsmen

Our company manufactures various seasonings, raw processed food, processed foods, and other general food products in a state-of-the-art plant. Made from fresh squids from the seas around Japan, without chemical seasonings, preservatives, or other unneeded additives, our salted squid guts and seasonings made of squid liver have become our main products.

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About Our Products
The manufacturing division of Asuka Foods is located at the Yamagata Asuka Plant in Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture. The plant specializes in squid processing and is staffed with many specialists who are well versed in squid. Asuka Foods is committed to the spirit of craftsmanship. We started manufacturing in this state-of-the-art factory.
Freshness Control
Naturally, we use the freshest ingredients. Thus, you can eat both the meat and the liver of our squids as their freshness is controlled. Based on data from joint research with Keio University, we developed unique know-how to manage freshness thoroughly.
Quick Freezing
The squids are pulled up one by one to the boat with hooks attached to a wire and are immediately frozen in a -50°C quick freezer of the ship. The squids remain fresh because they are frozen immediately after being caught.

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