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We aim to be a global IT partner.

Our business environment is changing significantly with AI, the IoT, and so on. We will strive to use innovation technology to create a new IT market in Asia together with our customers.

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Details of business, products, technologies, etc.
Details of business and advantages
We mainly offer system development with system consulting, system technology, and system services as bases. System development consists of many processes including design, manufacturing, and testing, starting from requirement definition. We aim to support customers in terms of shorter development periods, securing of system stability and safety, efficient system operation, and so on. This is done by applying our extensive experience in these areas as an expert in system development. We provide support to customers in a wide range of fields including system renewal, applications for new digitalization, strict security measures, and system development for overseas expansion.
Overview of products and technologies
In our system consulting business we propose systems based on the customer’s operations as much as possible. We aim to achieve simple system development and stable operation together with our customers. Our aim with system technology is to develop application systems that enable us to easily use AI technology. We also support development regarding commercialization of package software, prototype development, and so on by making use of ultra-high-speed development tools. We provide system services support for developing cloud-type systems to avoid on-site systems.
For matching
We strive to develop evolving IT fields in this rapidly changing IT society by making use of innovation technology. The problem of labor shortages is growing, and especially technical personnel. Automation and systemization of unskilled labor are inevitable. We satisfy customer needs for different types of systemization by labor savings, shorter delivery times, and significant cost reduction. We use ultra-high-speed system development tools, AI analysis of big data, advanced IoT technologies, and so on. We provide global support by developing systems for overseas subsidiaries of customers who are aiming for overseas expansion, such as expansion into Asian countries (China, Thailand and Vietnam). We apply our staff’s extensive experience as part of our overseas business strategy we have developed since we started our business.

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