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Our strengths include automatic teaching correction systems for robots and welding bead inspection systems. 

Our automatic teaching correction system for robots enables them to automatically correct their movement in response to the workpiece being processed.  It will reduce the vast amount of labor and time required for teaching correction.  The welding bead inspection system enables a shift from visual inspection by humans to total inspection using robots during welding. 

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Sales Pitch

Introduction of business content and product technology
Business content/features
LINKWIZ provides our customers with the software to address minor difficulties in using robots to use them more effectively as hardware.  We want to utilize 3D data. We want to reduce labor.  We want to achieve stable quality improvement.  We want to use industrial robots for new endeavors.  Please approach us for help in realizing your dreams.  We will study your vision with you, and we will propose the best method to solve your problems. Optimizing industrial robots is more important than their introduction. LINKWIZ holds many in-house discussions to examine the issues faced by our customers. We want to achieve a deep understanding of our customers' words and discover their essence.
Overview of products and technologies
L-ROBOT and L-QUALIFY are the software that actualized the philosophy of LINKWIZ. So many robots feel "difficult to use" after they are introduced.  While robots are adept at simple programmed tasks, they are known to have difficulty performing flexible responses. For example, if the target work is misaligned or has a different shape, a robot often cannot respond to the change, and in the end, humans have to make up for the weaknesses of the robot. L-ROBOT and L-QUALIFY offer new value, in that the software enables robots to think by themselves and correct their movements.  Even if there are fewer and fewer expert technicians due to ageing, robots can perform their tasks. If we can make robots perform simple tasks, humans will have the chance to work on more creative tasks. 
Message from the representative
Many people think robotization=reduction of labor cost.  This might be enough for short-term gain.  However, from a long-term perspective, reducing staff and losing their advanced skills is equal to giving up your business strength.  Use robots to support humans so that they can fully deploy their skills.  The time saved will be used for protecting precious knowledge and skills, and to pass them on.  The proposals offered by LINKWIZ Co., Ltd., will lead to 5 year and 10 year business strategies.  We hope that children today will grow up to live in a country that is praised for the "wonderful monozukuri craftsmanship of Japan" and is respected around the world.  To achieve this, each member of staff at LINKWIZ Co., Ltd. engages sincerely with the problems of our customers and invests their full energy to their solutions. 

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