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Latest update: 13/01/2021 15:34:58

F&L Solution Co., Ltd.

On-site IT solutions for manufacturing and logistics

As our main solution services, we provide three solutions, namely manufacturing, logistics, and maintenance solutions.

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Sales Pitch

Introduction of business content and product/technology overview
Business content/features
The creation solutions are designed specifically for manufacturing, including food production and autoparts production. The logistics solutions are designed specifically for logistics operations, particularly for picking system and inventory control system. Maintenance and other solutions are designed specifically for inspection, maintenance operations, and management operations, including equipment inspection systems and attendance management systems.
Overview of main products and technologies
As manufacturing solutions, we provide high-functionality wearable solutions, PPS-connected assembly navigation systems, digital handwriting solutions, smartwatch matching starter kits, manufacturing information management systems, production instruction systems, power monitoring systems, smart equipment management systems, assembly navigation systems, and capacity utilization management systems. As logistics solutions, we provide smartcard applications, smart picking systems, file forwarding applications, DPS-connected inventory control systems, digital assortment systems, and wearable measurement systems.
Message from the representative (efforts toward developing future sales channels and intentions toward utilizing J-GoodTech)
Since our establishment in January 2012, we have been working as a solution vendor mainly to our customers in the manufacturing and logistics industries and have entered our seventh fiscal year. To clearly express our business contents, our company name “F&L Solution” stands for “Factory (i.e., manufacturing)” and Logistics (i.e., distribution).” We will continue to work hard for our customers in the manufacturing and logistics sectors to reliably introduce and implement IT systems in Japan, China, and all other Asian countries/regions. We thank you for your continuous support and feedback.

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