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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:39

Muto Seisakusho

Mold design and manufacturing, precision parts machining, and plastics molding

We design and manufacture plastic molds, mold plastics, machine jigs and precision parts, and machine metal workpieces. We are a small workforce, but we can satisfy a diversified range of needs, such as NC lathing or complex machining with a machine center, without regard to the kind of material to be worked on.

Moreover, based on discussions with our customers and many years of experience in metal processing, we are always committed to our work under our motto of selection of good materials, low costs, customer satisfaction with our products, and short lead times.

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Business areas
Injection molds
Our company was founded for metal machining, and we have accumulated more than half a century of experience and performance. We apply the know-how we have acquired to satisfy the increasingly diverse needs of today's customers. That is our strength. At Muto Seisakusho, we hope that we can help you reduce your burdens including costs and lead time, bring you satisfaction, and make you rejoice through the art of Monozukuri craftsmanship.
Metal machining in general
Muto Seisakusho is a group of metal machining specialists equipped with machining centers, NC lathes, NC milling machines, and various other metal cutting machines. We satisfy various customer needs, ranging from grinding materials in a wide variety of ways to complex machining with multiple cutting machines.

Moreover, we put all our strength into integrated support to satisfy our customers and win their confidence. Our services range from designing jigs to improve the productivity of manufacturing and work processes, to identifying issues with prototyping, making proposals, and supporting mass production.
Injection molding
Plastic products are all around us, and indispensable in our daily lives.

Plastic injection molding is one of the most common processes in the production of these plastic products.

Plastic injection molding requires various conditions, skills, and knowledge depending on the material used and the shape of molds to be made. Even in today's computerized society, the intuition and experience of craftspeople are indispensable.

At Muto Seisakusho, we provide you with satisfactory product quality, lead time, and plans for prototyping, small-lot production, and mass production.
Reverse engineering
Reverse engineering refers to a process where we measure and extract dimensional data from an actual model that is not accompanied by its drawings, acquire shape data, develop a new mold, and make the reproduced model into a mass-producible state. 

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