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Our company supports the telecommunications infrastructure with telecommunication base stations to lightning protection systems.

In 1990, we were established as a company designing and constructing telecommunications facilities. Since then, we have been continuing to develop as a company supporting the advance of Japan's telecommunications networks based on the concept of high technology, high reliability, abundant variations, and high economic efficiency.

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Main products and solutions offered
Office buildings (shelters)
■ Product concept
<High reliability>
 ・ Excellent airtightness, protecting the housing equipment securely even in harsh environments.
 ・ Excellent heat insulation, enabling effective air conditioning and reducing running costs
 ・Excellent earthquake and wind resistance, guaranteeing system operation in the event of a disaster
 * We provide products that ensure basic performance and can be used comfortably.
 ・ Snow-resistant office building for heavy snow areas
 ・ Salt-resistant office for coastal areas
 ・ Office building of order colors matching the surrounding environment
 ・ Office building that can be installed on a small site
* We also propose the most suitable products by considering various conditions of use and customer environments.
 ・ Portable products are processed mostly in the factory and can be carried in by truck or trailer.
 ・ Lightweight products can be installed on the roof of a building regardless of the site.
 ・ We develop products by minimizing industrial wastes generated during manufacturing to contribute to the environmental protection.
 * We consider a plan that maximizes your budget efficiency.
■ Product information
・ Panel office
・ Steel-frame office
・ Highly airtight and highly adiabatic meter building
・ Small office
・ Office building with a steel pipe for antenna installation
・ Division type large office
・ Cubicle with maintenance hatch
・ Cubicle with maintenance tent
Lightning protection systems
The conventional lightning protection in Japan has been reviewed and the JIS lightning protection application standards have been newly established. Cosmo System proposes a new lightning protection system.
Cosmo System's lightning protection system is composed of SPD manufactured by DEHN (Germany), a business partner, and is proposed as an international standard lightning protection system.
■ Product Introduction
● SPD for communication (for Fritz Dactor, network, coaxial cable, krone terminal, USD plug)
● Power supply SPDs (Class II Dane Bench, Class II Dane Block, Class II Dane Guard, Class II Dane Rail)
● SPD panel (lightning protection device to protect human life from electrical equipment from lightning surge)
・ All SPDs, backup circuit breakers (fuses or circuit breakers for wiring), ground terminals, etc. are mounted together in the panel
・ Can be easily mounted on walls or drop-in columns
・ It is possible to manufacture SPD built-in switchgear panel including WhM etc. and SPD stand-alone panel
● External lightning parts
FRP base stand
"FRP-made base BASE CUBE" is a completely new multi-purpose foundation that replaces the conventional concrete foundation. BASECUBE, born from Cosmo System's proprietary technology, has achieved unprecedented weight reduction and excellent strength. reduces the construction period on site and greatly reduces total cost.

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