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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:21:55

Nakai Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Kitote [wood and hand] from Nakai Sangyo

We are a manufacturer of wooden joinery. Our system for high-mix low volume production offers a systemized production line for work that only craftsmen are able to do. We have launched our own brand “KITOTE” and have commercialized a range of frame-integrated fittings (Shoji). Our artists design products with a tangibly high level of technical skill, cultivated in the production of shrine and temple fittings, and which are used in a wide range of different industries such as traditional Japanese inns.

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Sales Pitch

Making household fixtures with wood
KITOTE “Shoji”
The comfort of natural wood and excellent craftsmanship.
Paper sliding doors deliver the splendor of trees and hands together.

In our “Bold Line” range, the thickness, depth and dimensions of the frame, crosspiece, and mullion are unified.
Furthermore, by eliminating these steps and finishing them flat,
we have achieved simple and beautiful details that harmonize with modern architectural spaces.

our “Slim Line” range strives to make the mullions look beautiful.
and use 6 mm mullions that are thinner than the 8 mm that is used in general paper sliding doors
A paper sliding door that makes use of delicate mullion techniques adds color to a space.
This can be installed in a variety of places where installation was previously impossible by combining the shoji screen with a wire system.
When hanged in this way, the range of uses expands, and it can be used as a partition, a wall decoration or for lighting.

Various layouts can be realized using the wire system.
A unique world can be viewed by hanging while layering front and back or by connecting and hanging.
Nakai Sangyo’s household fixtures
Shoji (inner shoji, shoin shoji, glass doors, transoms, reed shoji, tea room fittings, and lattice doors)

Doors (frame doors, board doors, rain doors, and flush doors)

Stores/public properties (store fixtures, store lattices, partitions, school properties, nursing home properties, and kindergarten/nursery properties)

Shrines and temples (Monto doors, karato hinged doors, and shitomido latticed shutters)

Shingu (offertory boxes and shingaku frames for shrine names)

Counter materials (solid board and laminated wood)

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