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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:21:58

Ruby Development Inc.

We look forward to a prosperous future of making full use of the Ruby language and developing software that maximizes its potential!

A common language that is familiar to everyone. Ruby’s biggest feature is that it is a programming language that engineers are fond of using because of its potential for stress-free development. It is also popular and well-regarded overseas.

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Sales Pitch

Introduction of business content and an outline of products/technology
Business content/characteristics
We develop high quality web services mainly in the language Ruby. We want to cherish engineers and because Ruby (on Rails) is a language with high development efficiency that engineers enjoy using, we provide an environment in which engineers can enjoy the development process. Although Ruby forms one axis of our development, we are actively working to combine Ruby with other technologies to meet a variety of development needs. In particular, we are developing SPA (single page applications) using front frameworks (React, Angular, and Vue.js) to offer development that is compatible with IoT, AI, ROS, and other technologies.
Overview of main products and technologies
We mainly adopt agile development that is well-suited to Ruby. In the rapidly changing web industry, it is rare for all specifications to be decided before development. Even if they are decided to develop a system that is truly useful in the present era when user feedback suggests flexible change is increasingly required, agile development is becoming increasingly important. Ruby is well-suited to agile development and enables high quality and flexible development to be completed in a short period of time.
Message from the representative (Initiatives for future market development with an intention to utilize J-GoodTech)
Our aim is to open up the future for our customers. We always ask ourselves whether we can propose the best/optimal system, and we work on a truly customer-first basis. Please feel free to contact us for anything. We offer proposals for optimized systems from a variety approaches on the assumption that we will have a long relationship with our customers. As we are in the age of globalization, we will continue to plan and provide services and products that always contribute to society from a common viewpoint.

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