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We take on the challenge of Monozukuri craftsmanship with new technologies and ideas.

We satisfy customer needs for all sizes of lots, large and small. We have the price advantages of a small company, and can produce articles on an OEM basis.


Sales Pitch

We want to make the world better with new ideas and technologies.
Actlyzer negatively charged modulation electromagnetic wave processor
This zeta potential fluctuation device prevents scales from adhering to piping or clogging it through the use of industrial water. It increases efficiency in heat exchangers, improves the environment of drainage piping, separates oil from water better, and removes urinary residue and bad odors from toilets. It protects iron piping from rust, prevents black rust and chlorine odor splashes, and otherwise acts on all fluids to improve the present condition. 

Patented; trademark registration applied for.
The industry's lightest-weight explosion-proof LED
The spread of LEDs in explosion-proof areas has seen little progress. They are heavier than the current explosion-proof mercury lamps. The use of LEDs would impose a heavy burden on mounts, which would then have to be reinforced or otherwise properly handled. That is why the spread of LEDs has not advanced. We offer the industry's lightest-weight explosion-proof LEDs, which weigh 6.1 kg each for 40 W, and at 9.6 kg it is under 10 kg even for 120 W. 

They have passed Japan's Technology Institution of Industrial Safety (TIIS) checks. The high-output LED chips achieve a luminous efficacy of 120 lm/W.
ASLB 75 plug and play portable rechargeable battery
Our ASLB 75 is chargeable while discharging, unlike ordinary lithium charging. Ordinary chargers become short-lived and the batteries become hotter as they are made to discharge while charging. This makes them more prone to explosion and other accidents.

Advantages of plug-and-play system

Ordinary storage batteries generate power and become recharged while the sun is up when charging anything with solar panels. You cannot use a storage battery during the daytime if there is a power outage resulting from a disaster. 

You cannot open your windows or recharge your mobile phone in a power outage due to a summer typhoon or the like.

With ASLB 75 all you have to do is place its solar panel by a window. The system can generate some power even if the sun is obscured by clouds and power your fan and recharge your mobile phone.

It will generate up to 150 W when sunshine hits the panel well. The use of an electrical appliance of less than 150 W would not reduce the recharging capacity of the storage battery if it is fully recharged. You can secure capacity for use in the nighttime.

The greatest inconveniences at the time of a disaster are probably water outages and unavailability of bathing facilities. ASLB 75 has a maximum output of 300 W (100 V AC), so it can drive well pumps and gas boilers. (They cannot drive kerosene boilers or kerosene fan heaters.)

We have received reports saying that people managed to power their washing machines and refrigerators when there was a prolonged power outage due to typhoon damage. 

The system features a sine wave current and is noise-free, so it can be compatible with various electrical appliances.

The system proper weighs as little as 7.5 kg, so you can take it out with you when taking refuge from a disaster. We have assumed that users will also carry the solar panel, so we designed it with a handle that you can easily hold. Certification obtained under PSE.

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