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Latest update: 04/02/2019 12:50:30

Matsuda Co., Ltd.

We manufacture products in-house using an integrated production system, including ultra-fine welding with 0.05-mm plate thickness and precision sheet metal working for ducts, and so on.

We are a group of super-multi-skilled workers who are willing to try new things, and take on challenges. Our company handles all processes in-house from programs to expansion, cutting, finishing, bending, welding, and testing, and satisfies needs for small lots and quick deliveries!

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Sales Pitch

Welding 0.05 mm-thick ultra-fine thin plates
Our original thin welding technology and special fiber welding machine has made it possible to weld thin plates with a thickness of only 0.05 mm. We possess a wealth of equipment and welding know-how. We also have jig design and manufacturing technology as well as a production system to satisfy customer expectations. 
The released beads are nuggets, and the smallest size is diameter 0.1 mm. This causes almost no warping, and can be used for thin sheet butt welding, pipes, overlaying, and dissimilar metal welding. You can use our services for thin plate welding articles that you have given up on or where you were forced to the increase wall thickness. 
Our method assists with compactification and weight reduction. Our prototype development department can help you with this, because they take on small-lot orders. Orders are currently coming from medical device manufacturers and automobile manufacturers. 

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[Company Strength]
Our company handles a wide variety of welding, from thin welding and ultra-fine welding of 0.05-mm thin plates to welding large works such as cans and ducts. Our original thin welding technology and fiber welding machinery enable ultra-fine welding of 0.05-mm thin plate, which is very far removed from conventional thinking. These manufacturing processes are handled by dedicated engineers from programs to expansion, cutting, finishing, bending, and welding in a seamless and speedy manner. We hope to release designers and engineers in the design field from the chains of working limits so they can design more freely.

Metal product manufacturing

[Representative’s Message]
There is an increasing demand for the ultra-thin plate welding and ultra-fine welding that we focus on, especially in industries where compactification and weight reduction have become important. Our company has created a manufacturing system to offer comprehensive support from design to prototype making. We also aim to become a pioneer of ultra-fine welding up to 0.05 mm, which is rather rare in Japan. However, welding in this field has not earned a high degree of recognition. Many people think it is impossible to weld an article less than 0.5 mm, and welding is excluded as an option in the design phase. We hope to make use of participating in J-GoodTech and technology exhibitions to actively demonstrate our ultra-fine welding technology to designers.

[Awards and Media]
Nikkei X Tech, “Japan’s Ultra-Fine Processing Technology Stuns the World”