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Latest update: 30/11/2018 13:09:47

Eishinkoho Co., Ltd.

We pursue services and technologies that satisfy customers.

Our company aims to become a small but unique company that tries something interesting all the time. Our president also consciously tries to contribute to the local community and society in his work. 


Sales Pitch

Ecorobeam special high-pressure washing services
Our service removes dirt that cannot be removed with ordinary high-pressure washing, and restores cultural assets and other objects that cannot be coated. 
This is an epoch-making washing system friendly to people and the environment, which uses only baking soda and water (hot water). It polishes off dirt using low-Mohs-hardness particles of baking soda, without leaving scratches on the surface of the object. 
This is intended for washing off dirt from the exterior walls, exterior structures, and common-use spaces of ordinary homes, apartments, and so on. This service is suitable for cleaning schools, hospitals, and other facilities that are used by the general public because it does not involve chemical substances that can cause allergies. We can wash off dirt on stone structures in shrines such as gates, entrance paths, guardian statues, and washbasins, as well as approaches and tombstones at temples. Even basic blast cleaning with baking soda is remarkably effective for removing graffiti drawn with lacquer sprays and so on. This washing method also has sanitization, deodorization, and sterilization effects because of the combination of neutralization and deodorization with baking soda and hot water over 130 °C. 

Other presentation

[Company Strength]
We handle utility pole advertising, motor transport, and outdoor advertising sales, planning and installation. We also provide graffiti erasure with special high-pressure washing, exterior wall cleaning and graffiti prevention coating, indoor/outdoor photocatalyst coating, and installation and plumbing for plant equipment. These are our main lines of business. We also focus on other environment beautification projects for the local community and society. 


[Representative’s Message]
I am president and representative director Negishi. Our company will make use of its competencies in safety, quality, and customer response gained from many years in the utility pole advertisement business. We will strive to offer even more new services. We will also promote communication with many companies, and continuously improve our skills and services to make ourselves more useful for everyone. New technologies and methods emerge as time passes by, and we hope to adopt good things and promote them in society. We also want to incorporate information from J-GoodTech partly in order to help boost Japan’s economy. Thank you. 

[Awards and Media]
Press release from Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry