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Latest update: 26/11/2019 17:35:22

kagayabeika Co.,Ltd.

We are a rare store that can offer start-to-finish production of Japanese Senbei rice crackers ranging from thin products for specialized stores to thick crackers.

We offer start-to-finish production of Japanese Senbei rice crackers from raw materials, ranging from thin products for specialized stores to thick crackers.

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Sales Pitch

We take orders for OEM products ranging from thin to thick Senbei rice crackers
We can manufacture OEM products using seasonings, as well as our regular products. This includes thin Senbei rice crackers, Soka Senbei rice crackers, reed-shaped crisp products, and so on.
We can supply Senbei rice crackers that are manufactured using 100% Koshihikari rice. We can also produce products using rice producers’ own rice. General rice confectionery makers purchase dough from other companies and bake it, so they probably cannot take on such requests. We cannot offer mass production, but we can supply products even in small quantities. Please feel free to contact us.
We produce Senbei rice crackers that other rice confectionery makers cannot offer, such as high-quality or thin rice crackers. Please contact us if you are looking for products differentiated by quality or more original Senbei. Thin Japanese rice crackers are also popular overseas, so they can have greater appeal if they are manufactured using 100% Koshihikari rice.

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[Company Strengths]
We manufacture high-quality Japanese Senbei rice crackers mainly for department stores and specialized stores. We offer start-to-finish production beginning with dough manufacturing. We can make use of machinery designed in-house to manufacture a range of Japanese rice crackers from very thin products to thick Soka Senbei. We can also offer OEM product manufacturing including seasoning development. Our original gift products with hand-applied Yuzen Washi paper are very popular overseas. We developed our current widely popular thin rice crackers as a first application of our own technique. We now manufacture them for high-end Japanese confectionery stores and department stores. Our Registered Famous Confection Usubayaki received an Honorary President’s award in the 16th National Confectionery Exposition in 1965. We use only 100% Koshihikari rice produced in Japan as the raw material for our own products. We use rice producers’ own raw materials to manufacture Soka Senbei and thin rice crackers as OEM products (such as former Yamakoshi Village’s Tanesuhara Senbei). We can handle orders for low-volume production. Please feel free to contact us.

Food, feedstuff, and beverage manufacturing

[Representative’s Message]
We want to promote our baked-rice confectionery in a wider range of markets in Japan and also in overseas countries. We will develop products beyond conventional Senbei.

[Awards and Media]
For our Registered Famous Confection Usubayaki: 16th National Confectionery Exposition, the highest prize, Honorary President’s award (1965); 17th National Confectionery Exposition, Honorary Exemption of Examination award (1968)