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Latest update: 31/10/2023 11:10:33

Research Institute for Computational Science Co. Ltd.

We provide CAE, AI (machine learning), and computer resource solutions

We combine our CAE knowledge with our own AI technology (*patent pending) to model the features of our products in the automation of trial and error to streamline the product development process.

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Sales Pitch

Realization of “Autodesign,” a world where the CAE workflow is fully automated
Emergent research using CAE and AI
We aim to create a world in which CAE workflow is fully automated to immediately propose optimum designs, and the user designs a product by interacting with the system.
We are advancing our various research businesses toward the realization of Autodesign, which will instantly propose optimal designs that meet product specifications by combining CAE and AI. We are able to provide one-stop solutions by taking charge of all the research and development involved in CAE workflows.
Open-source CAE software handling
We use open source CAE software (examples: FrontISTR, OpenFOAM) to generate training datasets for AI. The accuracy of AI is expected to improve, by taking advantage of open source and extracting more detailed information at a lower cost than commercial CAE software.  Our deep knowledge of both CAE and AI allows us to realize the enhancement of Autodesign.
In-house hardware resources
A huge amount of learning data is required to be generated to improve the accuracy of AI, which implies that both software and hardware performance is important. We operate CAE and AI specialized server systems in our data center.
We are responsible for the calculation base of Autodesign, which requires a huge amount of calculations that must be efficiently performed in accordance with the analysis program. At the same time, we are using the expertise gained from this system and our own data center to develop an HPC system/cloud environment that can be tailored to a customer's environment.