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Construction consultants

Construction consulting, surveying, and research are the pillars of our business. We are engaged in road/river and water/sewer maintenance projects, the maintenance and management of existing constructions such as bridges and tunnels, town development projects including urban and residential development, and resort facility development projects.

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Maintenance of structures
The maintenance of infrastructure facilities has become a major social issue.
To meet this requirement, we conduct inspections and surveys of bridges, tunnels, sewer facilities, and various structures and conduct soundness diagnostics and make plans for extending service life. We aim to reduce the life cycle cost (LCC) by extending service life, securing the safety and reliability of the structure, reducing the cost of maintenance, and balancing the budget. In our tunnel inspection surveys, we conduct usage surveys that do not require disruption of traffic.
Main services
Inspection surveys of various structures, health checks, and life elongation plans
Maintenance management plans, repair plans, and designs for various structures
Seismic resistance surveys/analysis of existing structures and repair plans
Bridge and tunnel life elongation plans
3D laser scanner measurement and inspection surveys using cameras
3D laser scanner measurement
 As the consumer needs of i-Construction users diversify, so too do the needs for surveying. 3D laser scanner measurement is able to support this variety. Spatial information acquired by 3D laser scanner measurement is converted into data using a new point cloud concept, and the overwhelming amount of information that is generated is used to computerize the site and ensure all needs can be met.
 Since all spatial information in the visible range is acquired, the risk of overlooking the site information can be avoided to the maximum extent possible.
CubeEarth Smart city platform
What is CubeEarth?
We independently developed Cube Earth as part of the smart city concept that is being promoted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
The surface of the whole earth is meshed with 1 to 200 m square cells.
By giving a unique address to each meshed cell, various information can be recorded for each cell.
The backend is equipped with real-time communication and the map can be changed dynamically.
Features [Smart GIS]
Disasters can be modeled within a specified range of intensities by consolidating layers such as hazard maps under a common unique ID.
Data integration, machine learning (AI) and machine analysis can be performed by combining publicly available geographical information of open data and collected geographical survey information, and aggregating them under a unique ID.
Geofencing can be performed to detect when a user has entered or left the cell using a device that can estimate the location of smartphones.

*Geographic Information System (GIS)
This technology comprehensively manages and processes data with spatial information (spatial data) and geographical position, visually displays it and enables both advanced analysis and quick judgment calls.
Use cases/accomplishments
[Use examples]
Aggregation/analysis function of tourist behaviors
Enables chat and meetings between different tourist groups using the app
Various information gathering functions for tourists who use the app depending on their requirements
Distribution of event information in the application usage area
Functions for distributing specific information and notifications that are unique to a certain point when passing through a specified part of the application area
・Virtual images can be shown (AR functions) when passing through specific points in the application area (e.g., historical buildings that do not exist now)
Functions that show evacuation routes by incorporating a database that includes hazard maps, helping with understanding of the danger level of the current location and evacuation route guidance in an emergency (disaster)
Used at Nara Palace Site Historical Park Smart Challenge run by NTT Docomo
Used in the Be Smart Kobe project run by Kobe city

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