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Fabless manufacturer specializing in wireless communication technologies essential for IoT.

Using IoT consulting, including wireless layers, we can offer optimal proposals, including the construction of wireless method/wireless network, end-unit/gateway specifications, and systems.

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Introduction of business content and product/technology overview
Business content/features
EASEL mainly engages in development and sales of LoRa mo920MHz Band modules and LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) for IoT and also engages in infrastructure construction and the development of cloud systems and custom units for IoT. When constructing IoT system, which wireless method is employed is important for introducing IoT.
Overview of main products and technologies
In EASEL custom development, we are available for consultation on overall IoT systems that withstand actual operations. Utilizing our wireless expertise in wireless radio wave IoT system construction and understanding the optimal wireless communication methods as well as their individual characteristics, we take wireless network and system data (transmit data volume, transmission frequency) into account. In addition, we appropriately design board layouts, including wireless module arrangement, to maximize the use of wireless radio wave efficiency. Thus, we provide one-stop services for all processes up to mass production/ODM and IoT.
Message from the representative (efforts toward developing future sales channels and intentions toward utilizing J-GoodTech)
We can accommodate diverse operations from the development of IoT products, mass production and ODM manufacturing to system development. We provide one-stop production service that includes from the development and mass production/ODM of sensor units for IoT solutions/innovations, construction of wireless systems to system software (Web UI, such as AWS). For boards and products using wireless technology, wireless-specific inspection/evaluation are necessary. Based on wireless expertise and our past experiences, we can develop and supply products sufficient for practical uses.  ASEL custom development ensures product quality optimal for mass production/ODM items through inspection/evaluation, reducing the total manufacturing cost.

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