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Latest update: 21/12/2022 13:49:43

IP System Co., Ltd.

With a 30-year track record in the field of automated image inspection and appearance inspection, we have a wealth of experience in internal, external, and printing inspections of cups, cans, and tubes for cosmetics and food products.

We provide machine vision inspection systems and engineering services that combine machine vision lighting, control technology, and software technology.

We provide direct solutions through application-specific algorithms and specially designed optics that are difficult to expect from general-purpose image processing equipment.

Also for applications that require high-speed inspection, we support efficient production by providing both high-speed and high-precision inspection.
We have a track record of introducing many, many systems in the food and cosmetics fields, and are expanding our track record in automating appearance inspections in other fields such as plastic molding and industrial parts including electronic parts and automotive parts.

We will think together with you, and propose an optimal appearance inspection system.

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Automation of image inspection and appearance inspection
Image processing inspection systems for various containers
We have an extensive track record including internal surface inspection, shape inspection, and printing inspection of paper cups, resin cups, cans, bottles, jar containers, and various paste tubes for the cosmetics and food industries.

We provide total image processing inspection systems including print inspection and inner-side defect inspection.
Automation of appearance inspection
We can help automate visual inspections on existing production lines.

If you just provide us with a defect sample, we will build an optimal made-to-order image processing inspection system by combining optical system design, LED lighting for image processing, control technology, and software technology.
We have systems and technologies from proposals to delivery support
We develop appearance inspection equipment for various parts and products, and make proposals for automation and labor saving. 

We provide integrated support including sample evaluation and reporting, system proposals including conveyance/rejection mechanisms and control devices, installation and adjustment, and production witnessing.
Printing inspection equipment for bottle containers, cans, jar containers, and tubes
We excel at printing inspection of patterns printed on curved surfaces on the outer surfaces of containers.

This is ideal for printing inspection of cans, bottles, jar containers, PSP containers, sheet molding cups, paper cups, paste tubes, and so on.

We can handle various shapes of containers such as cylinders, ovals, and squares.
With our unique image processing technology, we offer printing inspection equipment that can inspect printing distortion and rotation irregularities during production without false detection.

Our equipment realizes fine inspection while correcting defects like pinholes, missing characters, cut-outs, overhangs, blurring, misalignment of printing, stretching, unclear printing, and distortion.

Especially for curved surface printing (dry offset), silk printing, inkjet printing, and so on, it cancels out distortion and subtle variations of acceptable patterns printed on the container surface and enables stable defect inspection.
LED lighting for image processing
We can also design custom-made lighting, by taking advantage of our experience as a manufacturer of image processing equipment.

We do not charge any initial fees such as design fees for simple modification requests for our products, so please feel free to contact us. 

If you have any problems with aspects such as lighting size, brightness, irradiation structure, wavelength, color temperature, mounting method, cable length, or connector shape, we will propose optimal lighting for your inspection environment and inspection content.
Examples of custom lighting

(1) Full-color ring lighting with the irradiation angle optimized for the shape of the workpiece
(2) Circular arc lighting to match the shape of the workpiece
(3) Ring lighting with illumination five times higher than conventional illumination to detect minute flaws
(4) Coaxial epi-illumination optimized for telecentric lens aperture size
(5) LED surface lighting with a light emitting area optimized for rectangular workpieces
Our LEDtempo website for sales of LED lighting for image processing presents high-quality, inexpensive LED lighting for appearance inspections.

Please visit the site.

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