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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:59

Magnedesign Co. Ltd.

R&D, manufacturing, and sales of magnetic engineering products and their application software

We were founded with the aim of conducting magnetics technology R&D and disseminating the results.

In August 2013, we started joint research with Nagoya University, and in January 2015, we discovered the GSR principle that realizes ultra-sensitive micro-magnetic sensors.

In April 2016, we set up a prototyping center as a development base. We succeeded in developing a production technology for GSR sensor elements, and published a paper on GSR sensors with ASIC specifications in the international journals Sensors and JMMM in 2020.

Based on the GSR principle, we are currently developing GSR sensors for magnetic gyrocompasses for wearable computers, pT (picotesla) sensors for biomagnetic detection, and magnetic sensors for automobiles.

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Introduction to our technology
GSR sensors
The principle of a GSR sensor is that a micro-coil detects the phenomenon of simultaneous ultrafast rotation of the spins on the top surface by GHz pulses, and the detection power increases in proportion to the square root of the pulse frequency and the number of coil turns.

Compared with an MI sensor, the GSR sensor we developed can achieve 100 times higher sensitivity performance by increasing the pulse frequency from 10 MHz to 1 GHz and increasing the number of turns tenfold through the use of micro coils.
Joint research
For product development, in addition to magnetic gyrocompasses for wearable computers, pT (picotesla) sensors for biomagnetic detection, and magnetic sensors for automobiles, we are co-developing ultra-small sensors in catheters, pT sensors for measuring instruments, current sensors, and so on, with various manufacturers.

For joint development, we provide samples of the elements and electronic circuit EVK (analog output).

We can also provide EVK (digital output) with a built-in program for sensor system evaluation.
Patents and trademarks
We have 12 main patents: for the principle of a GSR sensor, for GSR element structure, for a GSR sensor circuit, for wire alignment, for wire heat treatment, for biomagnetic detection, a magnetic gyro, and for magnetic permeability measurement.

We have been granted four overseas patents, including a patent on the principle of a GSR sensor.
Twelve more are pending.

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