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Latest update: 05/02/2020 14:39:53

Marukawa Inc

We reassure and satisfy our customers with our original packaging

We print and produce soft packages. We provide integrated production from package planning and design to printing and machining. We supply original products that satisfy customer needs with high quality, at low cost, and with short lead times. We can also provide flexible support for high-mix low-volume production and other orders, and quickly satisfy your needs.

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Sales Pitch

Light packaging with printing that attracts consumers, based on perfect knowledge of the material
- We provide packaging that attracts consumers. The latest printing technology beautifully expresses even the details of designs.

Packages are constantly required to express a new sense of the times to keep up with diversifying consumer needs. Clear contours and clear coloring are a must, and demand has been growing for beautiful printing. We possess multicolor gravure rotary presses and other state-of-the-art equipment, and our full-time operators apply professional technology to reliably satisfy your requirements.

- Main machinery and equipment

- 7 gravure rotary printers (8-color)
- 1 gravure rotary printer (7-color)
- 9 gravure rotary printers (6-color)
- 2 gravure rotary printers (5-color)
- 5 gravure rotary printers (4-color)
- 1 gravure rotary printer (3-color)
- 1 gravure rotary printer (2-color)
Light packaging
- We know all about the materials and process them properly

We satisfy all needs for soft packaging. Soft packaging is robust, easy to handle, and inexpensive. It finds uses in various fields, and for various products. Our planning office always pursues a next generation of functions and convenience. We establish customized specifications for specific customers together with the customers. This is how our production department has acquired even better expertise and continues to take on the challenge of trying new products.

- Main machinery and equipment

- Automatic baggers: 43
- Slit sealers: 21
- Gusset machines: 18
- Slitters: 4
- Product inspectors: 3
- Winders: 6
- Other inspectors/testers: 10
Quality control
- We want to deliver safety, security, and satisfaction. We exercise thorough quality control in all processes to achieve secure quality.

Foods, hygienic packages, and all other products require secure quality control. We have acquired ISO 9001 certification, and make use of this to define our processes and conduct thorough quality control in all of them. We have a dual system of high-performance inspection machinery and the eyes of skilled workers. We conduct strict checks for product pinholes, fine particles of dirt, and other tiny faults.

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