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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:38

Ikeda Ironworks Co., Ltd

Various kinds of machining and assembly, and industrial machinery design

We process parts for industrial production equipment for machine tools, liquid crystals, semiconductor devices, steel mills, and other equipment, and design and manufacture machines for the automotive industry.

We have recently introduced five-face machining equipment, horizontal boring machines (NC), and other large equipment (five units in total). By introducing highly functional complex machining units, we have established a machining system suitable for machining difficult-to-grind materials and high-hardness materials.

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Business areas
Product information: Machining department
We comprehensively support all items, large and small. We handle iron, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and other materials. We make machine housings and castings. We also machine, inspect, surface-treat, and paint products.
Assembly department
We comprehensively support all aspects ranging from equipment design to machining and assembly.
Technical and professional commitment
We are always committed to machining thin products prone to strain, welds prone to chattering, difficult-to-grind materials, and other difficult-to-machine parts. Our wealth of experience and expertise satisfy your needs in detail and help you produce products with a fine finish. We aim to provide you with satisfactory products through our machining proposals and flexible system.
Equipment: Fusing long years of expertise with leading-edge machinery
Our long-cultivated expertise and sense are fused with leading-edge equipment to enable even higher-precision products. We constantly take on the challenge of precision machining to enable complex shaping with 3D CAD and CAM to make efficient machinery a reality. This is achieved with five-face machining equipment and complex machining equipment, along with leading-edge equipment and tools.
Inspection: Standardized quality control
We are highly skilled in various kinds of measurement and inspection conducted in each production process, and in checks to be conducted in each process. We also have expertise in handling 3D measuring equipment and other leading-edge measuring equipment. Our engineers constantly deliver high-precision, high-quality products to our customers.