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We are a comprehensive manufacturer of parts which is able to handle various materials "ranging from plastic to metal" and which focuses on "proposals".

We are a manufacturer that produces trial or model products required for new product development or existing product improvement and that produces plastic products in small lots. By utilizing know-how nurtured through mold injection, we apply various processing methods, including cutting machining and simple metallic molds, to produce plastic prototypes or model products and produce plastic products in small lots. In addition, we not only perform molding to mass-produce products, but also undertake secondary processing, product assembly, and so on. With the systems of quality, environment, and production management at the core, we aim at satisfying clients' needs and becoming the "only one" company.    

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We provide services ranging from trial production of a plastic prototype to mass-production and secondary processing, in a total fashion.
If you are considering the development of a new plastic product, would like to improve an existing product (such as miniaturization and weight reduction), or would like to confirm product shapes, functions, or strength, we believe that prototypes are inevitably required. In accordance with the shape, material, and production lots of the product, we apply the optimum processing method and produce prototypes or model products. In addition, we are able to mass-produce products by performing mold injection. We provide total support for your staff responsible for the design or development of plastic products, through processes ranging from trial production to mass-production. 
We have a wide range of know-how and knowledge on resin.
There are various types of plastic materials each of which has its own characteristics. We, a specialist in resin treatment, select and process resin suitable for each processing method. In addition, even when a prototype is authorized, a metal mold is required to perform mold injection to mass-produce the product. In such a case, we need to produce a metal mold by considering conditions such as an inclination that is not specified on a blueprint required for producing the prototype. Since we are able to perform processes ranging from trial production to mass-production in a total fashion, and since we have know-how on metal molds, we are able to give advice by considering the processes from trial production to mass-production.
We aim at producing the best products.
Through the trial production and mass-production of plastic products, we would like to remove the anxiety of your staff responsible for product design or development and contribute to better manufacturing.
We meet requirements such as "our company needs a prototype" and "our company would like Fudo Plastics to perform processes ending with mass-production."

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