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Latest update: 18/11/2019 16:00:02

TSS Co. Ltd.

[Integrated production system from trial to mass production]

Our company has the following advantages. 
• Delivery of LAWSON POS (stable quality and price)
• Delivery of aircraft parts (ultraprecision machining technology)
• Replacing equipment using subsidies


Sales Pitch

POS systems as main products and various information terminals
Our philosophy is to put customer satisfaction first
It has been 34 years since our company was founded by Junichi Yagi, our current representative, in 1985 as a stock company. We have worked as a subcontractor for electrical manufacturers for a long time. We make use of our precision sheet metal processing technology that we have been accumulating since we started our business, and especially a unique mold manufacturing process. This is our particular strength. We perform trial manufacturing and high-mix low-volume production at our headquarters plant. We also perform mass production at our plant in Malaysia and can deliver the products via the headquarters plant.
Original molds made by the president (simple molds)
Simple molds are not used for mass production. They are used for low-volume trial production before mass production, low-volume production, trial production, or for other purposes. We can significantly reduce mold costs compared to standard prices based on our long experience in mold manufacturing and our unique theories, and we receive many orders. We manufacture molds by ourselves so the costs do not include margins for the molds. We have been transferring our technology for mold manufacturing to employees at our plant in Malaysia in addition to our headquarters plant in Japan for 25 years. This is why the level of molds at our plant in Malaysia is the same as that in the headquarters plant, and it is our great advantage in terms of costs.
Aircraft quality
The aircraft industry is very strict, and to enter this industry in 2013 we acquired JIS Q 9100 certification (9100:2006; we now have 9100:2016), “Quality management system - Requirements for aviation, space and defense organization.” We spent a great deal of time to establish a basis for our quality management system. We prepared an original quality management manual according to the actual situation of our company and perform operations based on our quality management system.