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Latest update: 04/02/2020 18:23:06

SOHGA Co., Ltd.

We are confident in our ability to develop software for inspection, determination and analysis!

We excel in the development of software for labor saving and automation of inspection and marketing, such as software for calculating a shape or size of an object or identifying a person or object, using camera footage. We have also started get involved in drones, AI and the like early. We are a group of engineers who also excel at hardware and research and develop measurement and data analysis technology by installing sensors in drones by ourselves.

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Sales Pitch

Example: Improving production management of forestry by performing 3D scanning of forests with a sensor installed in a drone
We develop systems that are really necessary for solving problems.
For example, in the field of forestry, they measure the size of individual trees to check their growth in order to ship them when their sizes meet specific standards. This measurement, however, takes a lot of effort and puts you at risk of a slip accident. Therefore, we are working on the issue by developing a system for automatic calculation of the width of trees using scanned 3D data, utilizing LiDAR (radar sensor) installed in a drone.
We are not only a vendor, and are also your partner running alongside you and aiming for your success.
Generally, most software development companies do not fly drones. Neither do they install sensorsr. They do not visit a site to collect data. Where necessary and in case other companies will not or cannot do it, we will try to provide assistance, even if it is not software development. What is important is to make our business succeed and not just develop software.
This is not cheap.
We believe that business can only be maintained through mutual prosperity. 
We make every effort in carrying out our business and therefore we need to improve our technology by continuous research and development and provide stable lives for our employees. We strive to establish a continuous business relationships by making our customers’ businesses succeed. At the same time, we hope that our partners prepare to and have passion to invest money to resolve issues. 
We focus on value created, rather than on operating times.