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Latest update: 21/04/2021 14:04:54


“An interface that helps you master IT with handwriting”

We develop engines that recognize handwritten characters as digital data. We offer Japanese character recognition, English recognition, numerical formula recognition, and Japanese OCR. We offer an engine that converts handwritten characters that are entered into a tablet PC or smartphone into digital data, and OCR that reads handwritten characters on paper and converts them into digital data.

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Sales Pitch

Business content and strengths
We have developed a highly complete handwritten text recognition software that is based on online character recognition technology that is being utilized in various fields such as finance and education. We collected handwritten text from around 3 million people of various ages and genders, and made the program learn this text, achieving at least 99% recognition of strings within a frame, and at least 95% recognition of strings without a frame. The software is also equipped with language processing technology that uses Japanese contextual information, and recognition time is also shortened, so characters are converted at almost the same speed at which they can be written. It is used in scoring systems for training applications and various data entry systems in the finance industry.
Company characteristics
Our company uses and commercializes world-class handwritten text recognition technology developed at a university laboratory, as a university-launched venture of the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.
There are few companies worldwide that offer handwritten text recognition, therefore a feature of our product is that it is unique. Moreover, our engine can be embedded directly into the customers’ products.

[Installation achievements]
Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2
Other major companies (not disclosed due to NDA)

December 2012 - Special award for the “7th monozukuri craftsmanship cooperation award” by the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun
November 2014 - Honorable mention for the “2014 Tokyo Venture Technology Award” by the Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs
December 2014 - Honorable mention for the “12th Tama Blue/Green Award Technology and Manufacturing Category” by The Tama Shinkin Bank
March 2016 - Judge’s special award for the “2016 (29th) Excellent Company” by the Tokyo Prefecture Cooperative Bank Association

[Budget adoption achievements]
2008 to 2011 - “JST university-launched venture creation promotion” was adopted by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), and our company was established as a result of contract research and development.
August 2012 - “New product/new technology development grant business” was adopted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center.
October 2015 - 
“Development of an automatic scoring system and service for responses written on tablets” was adopted for “Research and development promotion business for medium-size business and SMEs in 2015” 
by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

[Patents acquired]
Patents 6256504, 6754120
Overview of products and technologies
iLabo has developed and commercialized many recognition engines for handwriting. Our main products are Japanese string recognition, English recognition, numerical formula recognition, and handwriting OCR, among others. These technologies are supplied to handwriting application development companies as development kits (SDK).
We have targeted finance-related companies as a general market; however, we have recently developed a number of handwriting applications using tablets for the education industry that use the recognition engine to determine if an answer is correct or not.
Meanwhile, we are developing systems that use machine learning to meet the upsurge in demand for handwriting OCR (using an image scanner to capture handwritten data on paper) that differ from our other technologies.
For matching
We develop highly complete handwritten text recognition software based on online handwritten text recognition technology developed at the Nakagawa Lab of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, and our products are utilized in various fields such as finance and education. Smartphones and tablets started becoming widespread at a fast rate, and the market has developed rapidly. We are continually returning new technologies to society, with the aim of combining information technology with handwriting suitable for the intellectual activities of humans. We flexibly support individual requests (customization), so please feel free to discuss this with us.