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Latest update: 04/02/2020 11:27:45

Interact Inc.

We wish to build beneficial relationships in which we mutually influence each other through software development!

We aim to cooperate with various people who provide support to us so that all of us become happy. This can be achieved only if each of us behaves as a professional and becomes helpful. We use power of individuals to help a team, and use the power of the team to help our customers. To become helpful is also beneficial to us. We aim to be a group of engineers with reliable technical capabilities in order to be trusted by customers.

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Details of business and an overview of products and technology
Details and features of business
We are mainly engaged in device control, image processing, signal processing, system control fields, mobile application development, and business application development. Our development languages include C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, Python, various machine languages (assembly), UML, and Visual Basic. We can respond to a wide range of software development phases during the development process, such as definition of requirements, design, coding, testing, system testing, support for analysis of customer requirements, test design, and test process management.
Overview of main products and technology
We are engaged in the development of “tactile force devices” using 3D tactile force technology, which enable you to feel real tactile sensation or touch. With respect to visual inspection using image processing, we are engaged in the development of software for visual inspection using an image processing library (Matrox Imaging Library). With respect to motor controller development, we develop functions for various electric actuators, such as controllers for stepping motors and brushless motors as well as motor drive engines.
For matching
We develop control software not only for consumer equipment but also for equipment for the manufacturing industry (FA equipment) and communications companies. Software is used for everything in our lives and the importance of automatic control algorithms such as AI and self-learning is increasing. Therefore, we believe that our automatic control technology can be applied to various things. Based on our principle of being a company that has exciting technology in a local and peaceful environment even if it is a small-scale company, we will continue to contribute to society in the next decade, while trying to acquire new software technology and advanced technology.