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Latest update: 21/12/2022 13:49:30

Micro Data Co., Ltd.

We handle a wide variety of software development from large-scale systems to embedded firmware

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We solve problems and issues with our high technological capabilities
Our company constantly seeks to develop new technologies and possibilities in all our software development.

We continue to fight problems and issues that arise in daily system development.

Recent systems have become multifunctional and the scale of development has kept on growing, but development time tends to be shortened because of the need to provide new products ahead of the competition.

The path to solving these conflicting challenges is left to the improvement of technological capabilities in system development.

This is why we believe that our mission is to promptly provide technology that meets the needs of the times.
We build a development system that meets your needs
We are developing our business covering all areas related to computers, from system engineering to system operation and maintenance.

We will offer our skills appropriately and build a development system tailored to your needs.

[Our skills]

Languages: Java, C, C#, C++, VC++, VB .NET, Excel VBA, JavScript, Python, PowerShell, etc.

Contracts can be in the form of outsourcing, semi-contracting, or dispatching.
We provide high-quality software
We have long been involved in developing software that requires high reliability.

The experience we have gained in this enables us to provide high-quality software.

We can flexibly respond to your needs regarding quality management systems, with ISO 9001 as a representative example, as well as V-model, agile, and other development processes.

We can also consult with you on replacing software assets that have become a black box because the person in charge of the software has left, there is no design documentation, and so on.