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Molding and sales of urethane foam with a focus on urethane resin

We develop our own technologies and products that fulfil the potential of urethane materials. We offer a wide range of products including construction and agricultural machinery seats, medical mats, four-wheel headrests, armrests, two-wheel saddles, and office supplies. Urethane injection rescue boards are gaining attention as a potential way to prevent injuries caused by flooding and heavy rainfall.

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Urethane processing method
Integral foam
Integral foam is widely used as an exterior product because it has high strength and physical properties, and it has a good look and feel. Also, as integral foam creates a self-molded urethane foam skin, the surface is covered with a dense and strong skin, whereas the inside is a low density, soft foam.
Integral foam has excellent reproducibility in dies and molds, and it is possible to clearly copy grain patterns from the molds. Coloring the raw material allows the color of the product to be set freely, and weather resistance can be increased by painting the molding. Furthermore, because it has excellent self-adhesion, it can be integrally molded with core materials and screws.
Front-and-back integrated form
This is a molding method called integral skin molding and follows the following sequence: [bond the skin to the mold in a vacuum] → [set core material] → [inject raw materials]. This creates a product in which the skin (leather), core material, and cushion are molded in an integrated fashion and the lack of stitching in the assembly process means that rainwater and cleaning liquids cannot penetrate into the cushion.
The integrally molded products are widely used in applications such as seats for forklift and motorcycle use, for seats used in agricultural and medical equipment.
Rigid urethane foam has the same strength as wood, and it is also used as a core material and in seat bottoms by molding glass cloth to give it extra strength.
The surface can be finished clean and painted and can also be used as an exterior product such as a cover for medical equipment or tables. In addition, making the foam into a shape that easily collapses makes it into a shock-absorbing foam that can be used as an energy-absorbing pad in mass-produced vehicles, for softening the shock of collisions.
Urethane-injected boats
Rescue boats that stay afloat even after sustaining punctures
In the aftermath of the 3.11 tsunami disaster, it was said that rubber inflatable boats could not be dispatched for sea rescues when rubble was present because the risk of holing the hull made them too dangerous.
It is an absolute requirement that rescuers should be able to reach the scene as soon as possible.
This boat was developed by Hamaguchi Urethane and is made from hard injected urethane, allowing it to be used in rescues without worrying about the harsh conditions.
Hamaguchi Urethane’s urethane boat will never sink, even if it is scratched or punctured by debris. Hamaguchi Urethane's urethane boat has changed how we think about water rescues.

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