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Latest update: 24/07/2023 16:24:50

Tenkai K.K.

Agile, one-stop support for IT services

With engineers, designers, and planners inside the company,
we develop prototypes through a trial-and-error process
and build the ideal service as a one-stop shop.
We are particularly strong in commercializing new services and technologies.

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Agile development/prototype development
Construction of new IT services
We manufacture the service as a prototype and refine it through trial and error.
Since we have engineers, designers, and planners in-house, we are able to proceed toward our goals while flexibly making detailed corrections to any issues or problems that arise during the manufacturing process by going back to planning, requirements, design, and UI.

We will not build a service that is only good up to this point at a minimum, but will build it based on a policy of creating an ideal vision for the future and making the first release as a step on the way to that vision, and develop it with consideration for the scalability of the business and service.
Research and consulting for considering new business
We will not just catch up with other companies or current trends, but will consider what the core elements of your company are, and conduct research and consulting on business and service considerations that can make a difference/differentiation, while engaging in dialogue with your company.
Design and branding of new services and products
It is not about being flashy and showy,
but about design and branding that will be familiar to the target customers for a long time.
We aim for a branding strategy that is grounded and steadily operational.