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Latest update: 04/02/2020 11:27:48

Anet Co., Ltd.

We are a software testing company that evaluates and verifies software in a development phase from the perspective of a third party.

We participate in an upstream process of a software development project to perform planning, design and implementation of tests. We conduct efficient and effective tests for customer products during the development phase using optimum perspectives and methods.

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Software testing services by software testing professionals “Qualist”
Our software testing professionals are called “Qualist.” They participate in the upstream processes of a software development project, when offering optimum tests and completing the tests.
While it seems that some testing companies just confirm functions (texts) in specifications, we take a different approach. We conduct product tests from various angles by understanding the characteristics of the product and its system, and confirming what kind of tests are necessary, what needs to be focused on during the test, and whether automation can be used to conduct the test efficiently, as well as other things.