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Latest update: 18/11/2019 16:00:06

EJP Inc.

The Internet of Things!! EJP Inc.

We have developed various kinds of software such as IoT software, embedded software, and Web applications. We also make proposals regarding infrastructure development applying knowhow for network protocol development as well as open-source software for accelerating development.

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Details of business, products, technologies, etc.
Details of business and advantages
We mainly develop software. We develop embedded software, applications, and protocols. 
We also offer device development, application services, and open-source software as our own products. 

We also offer services such as the Minomal online shopping site for Mino ware and organic Japanese tea, the Otemachi Spin board game development group, and HomeKit Love Web media for Apple's HomeKit.
Overview of products and technologies
We offer a range of services with respect to embedded software. We develop water leakage detectors (which analyze water leakage sounds), protocols for next-generation network equipment, and protocols for wireless base stations. We also offer R&D of new protocols related to the IoT. 

In our application development business we develop Web applications for managing intellectual property and for access control systems for apartments. We also provide applications for managing information about electronic circuits and circuit board design, and applications for managing information about employees.

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Software is very flexible and can be used to solve various issues. I realized the fun of craftsmanship after I entered the software industry, and I became aware that hardware was also very important. What I really wanted to create required knowledge in a wide range of fields, so I founded my own company. I create what I really wish to create from scratch and continue to explore the fun of craftsmanship. Please consult us if you have any issues with software development.