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Entrust us with the precision metal processing of aluminum and stainless steel.

We mainly develop electronic device parts. We have about 100 machines such as machining center, NC lathe, wire electric discharge machine, general-purpose milling machine, general-purpose lathe, drilling machine, etc. Entrust us with the precision machining of such metals as aluminum and stainless steel.

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Business description, outline of products and technology, etc.
Business description and features
Our company conducts processing on all materials from stainless steel and aluminum to fine ceramics. We manufacture electronic equipment parts, manufacture and assemble jigs and tools, manufacture dense metal parts, design plastic molds, and manufacture carbide gauges, etc. We also manufacture construction machine parts. As for equipment, we own such equipment as machining center, CADCAM, jig milling machine, NC lathe, wire electric discharge machine, small grinder, 3D measuring machine, etc. So we can respond to requests on a one-stop basis.
Outline of main products and technologies
In machining, the machining conditions can be raised by 5-axis control including two rotation axes, as well as three axes of X, Y, Z, and precision machining of complex three-dimensional shapes can be processed in a short time and with high precision this is possible. For lathe processing, we support general-purpose, NC lathes and CNC small automatic lathes from prototype to mass production. In electric discharge machining, complicated shapes, such as dies, raw materials to quenched materials are supported by die-sculpting and wire electric discharge machines.
Message from the representative (initiatives for future sales channel development, intention to use JEGTECH, etc.)
We have a policy of never saying no to customer requests. We will do anything including rush jobs when the customer is in trouble. Therefore, we handle most difficult job requests and do not refuse, so customers can ask for work with confidence. In addition, there may be requests from an industrial machine manufacturer for the production of parts required for industrial machines that make parts for smartphones, and these parts are required to be extremely small and have high precision. Processing of these parts requires expert skill in the polishing process and is performed by experienced craftsmen. We strive to manufacture products that meet the needs of our customers.

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