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Latest update: 05/04/2023 10:41:48

Techno System K.K.


Sales Pitch

Business description and strengths
Our company designs and manufactures automatic controls and performs external wiring work, designs and manufactures robot systems, designs and manufactures various types of labor-saving equipment, and develops computer software and network systems related to these systems.

We provide labor-saving solutions that support your stable, high-value-added production operations from both hardware and software perspectives, such as using data collected from the equipment for predictive maintenance of the equipment and operation instructions.

In addition, we build systems that contribute not only to labor savings but also to product quality improvement through statistical data processing.
Overview of products and technologies
We provide production management systems, robot transport, parts feeder transport, unattended vehicle transport, welding robot transport, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) that can fully automate product transport between production facilities, parts dispensing equipment that replenishes parts at the correct location, machine tool NC specifications, inspection equipment, computer-based systems, forklift calling devices, multi-story warehouses, PHS systems, and more.

We provide applications that statistically process and display data for each product, and we provide units that help you improve the quality of your products and productivity.
PR for matching
We work with a wide range of customers, including major manufacturers in cutting-edge industries such as automotive, robots, electronics, medical care, food, and information and communications, as well as SME manufacturers.

Based on issues requested by our business partners and proposals from our sales staff, we design products that incorporate new technologies and conduct R&D to realize them.

In addition, sales and design are working together to provide even better solutions.

Moreover, through various types of joint development, we will not only accept orders for individual devices, such as control panel design and production, but also for the production of overall control technology. This includes the design of control systems for entire production lines and software development. Our goal is to solve issues in society through IT.