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Latest update: 21/12/2022 13:49:58

K&F Computer Service K.K.

We want to be a group of professionals who support professionals. We are always at the forefront of creating and developing new business opportunities.

Starting with museum content, we offer comprehensive services ranging from websites, medium-sized websites, system development, data entry and export, DTP-related services, printing-related services, electronic data creation from printed data, questionnaire creation and tabulation, sales of computers and supplies, and temporary staffing services.

We excel at service construction linking websites, apps, and external devices, E-learning websites, content production and secretariat services, and so on.

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Sales Pitch

Service contents and production track record
Web production (website and content production)
We give shape to what you want to communicate. We propose content that communicates. Customers who ask us to create their website always have something they want to communicate. We take what you want to communicate and give shape to those expectations as content that communicates.

A website is not just about the pages people can see. There is also a mechanism (CMS) behind the website, servers (systems) that implement the CMS, and new business that is created by utilizing the website itself.

We have the technology to support these elements partially or in total.
Business app development
Development track record

Labor management systems
Time and attendance management systems
Care support systems
Facility reservation management systems

Ordering systems
Inventory management systems
Real estate management systems
Store management systems

Legal management systems
Security management systems
Production management systems
Performance comparison database systems for the manufacturing industry

Customer management systems
Control system programs: We provide contracted development of various control system programs such as projector control.
[Full support for smartphone app development]

We have experience in program development and Web content production, and produce smartphone apps and content for events, facility introductions, sightseeing information, and so on.

We also produce GPS-based information-gathering apps, excursion game apps, and point rally apps.

For development tools, we use Xcode for iPhone and Android SDK for Android OS smartphones. Recently, we have been using PhoneGap, Titanium, and monaka to achieve quick support for multiple operating systems.

Of course, we have also recently added support for PWAs.

We offer free consultations and estimates for developing tourism apps, game apps, business apps, and so on. Please feel free to consult us.

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