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Latest update: 05/04/2023 10:41:53

Dacks Inc.

We continue to challenge ourselves as a company that seeks and develops what we can do to the best of our ability within our current technology and resources.


Sales Pitch

Business description and strengths
We specialize in developing business applications that communicate with a variety of hardware, such as handheld terminals and electronic scales. We develop and sell traceability systems based on these applications, provide consigned development of software including development and sales of inventory control and shipping inspection packages, and plan, create and manage and operate websites on behalf of our clients. We propose problem-solving solutions by introducing business systems not only to production sites and distribution sites, but also to medical care and other sites where people move and work. We are also contributing to creating the future through IT by supporting the Keyence API.
Overview of products and technologies
(1) Handy Terminal 110
(2) WirelessWeightChecker, a wireless weight check system
(3) WeightChecker, a weight check system
(4) PurchaseFX, a next-generation RIA business application Web-based purchasing management system
(5) BT-TRACER, a handheld terminal data tracing system
(6) SmartShooter, a QR code and barcode label issuing program
(7) ProcessControl, a process progress and process management system
(8) DigitalPicman, a shipping inspection system
(9) Medical CheckMan!, a medication error prevention system for medical care
(10) Marking Adjuster software for laser markers
(11) PUTIT REGISTER simplified cash register software
(12) The Checkman, a system for verifying physical inventory receipts
(13) RentalAssist loan management software
Toward matching
In the field of software development, we continue to create products that are mainly linked to actual operations. 

Based on the concept of linking work and IT devices, we intend to continue offering a lineup of products that can play an active role in all kinds of fields.

Now that we have more than 1,000 companies using our systems, we receive inquiries on a wide range of topics, and we are determined to further refine both our proposal and development capabilities.

We hope to provide IT-based solutions to even more companies.