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We have confidence in our detailed services for both fully automatic and manual production.

Our goal is to look into the future and manufacture higher value-added products that satisfy customer demand. This is done by identifying needs at all times to predict future trends.

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Details of business, products, technologies, etc.
Details of business and advantages
Our company manufactures and sells industrial packaging materials. We mainly accept special orders for large square-bottom pallet covers, large flat bags (polyethylene and lamination), gadget bags, square-bottom bags for large inner bags, inner bags for drums, and inner bags for liquid transportation containers. We also offer standardized products such as pallet covers, double bags for living eels, and inner bags for flexible containers. We have several cleanrooms for large bags manufactured in a cleanroom and special bags manufactured in a cleanroom. There are many needs for these products. We can offer both fully automatic mass production and low-volume manual production.
Overview of our products and technologies
Pallet covers are used for storage and transportation of products loaded on pallets at sites related to logistics as well as for transportation of products loaded on pallets between plants. This is to protect the products from external factors (rain, pollen, yellow sand, dust, bird droppings or the like, and so on). With respect to the inner bags, our bags for transportation of living eels, different types of square-bottom inner bags, and inner bags for liquid transportation containers have earned a good reputation in various fields. This is because of our unique technology and productivity. We respond to diversifying industrial packaging materials with our unique technology and state-of-the-art equipment, and offer high-value-added products to customers.
For matching
The packaging materials industry has continued to evolve with the times, and focuses on enhancing technology development capability to satisfy social needs for higher added value. Some things should not be changed and other things should be changed. That is the basis of our principle for business. We will promptly adapt to our diversifying society in terms of quality, sanitation, securing of safety, environmental consciousness, efforts in universal design, and so on.